Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates, Rain, Clementine, ER Visits and Life in General

A couple of weeks ago we headed north to Olympia for some medical appointments for Rob and vet and groomer appointments for Grant.  I was able to visit with my parents, do a little shopping and get our mail.  We stayed at the casino campground again.  It's a nice, quiet place to stay.  For the most part we only had 5 or 6 fellow campers.  

Terror struck that Friday afternoon when we discovered we had Velcro campers.  Two new campers came in and choose to park on either side of us.  Seriously?  There were at least 30 other open spaces.  I just don't understand.

We were having some really stormy weather at that time because we  were getting the remnants of Typhoon Usagi by way of China.   

We had planned to move to the Portland area the following day but decided to go immediately instead.  The weather wasn't awful at that point but the forecast called for heavy rain and wind for Saturday so we hooked up and hit the road.  

On the way down I called an RV park in Vancouver we had found online.  When we arrived we decided it just wasn't for us because it was very pet UNfriendly and very crowded.  We took a pull-through and spent the night planning to find a different spot elsewhere this morning.  We arrived and set up in the pouring rain.  The site was just long enough to allow us to stay hooked up to the truck.  That's a good thing!  

We did have quite a problem getting our water hooked up last night.  The last time we got the Little RV back from the shop we noticed the 90 degree brass fitting we have on the water inlet was turned and a bit crooked.  We couldn't get it to stop leaking last night so Rob had to take it apart.  It seems in addition to turning it they actually crushed it inward and damaged the fitting on the RV.   

We did find new digs later that morning and paid for a weeks stay with the option for another week. We are in a very nice campground along the Sandy River.  Not so far from the kid's house but with full hook-ups which we seem to have a really hard time finding in the Portland area.  AND...there is a place to walk the dog. 

I don't believe I gave you the details of our last RV repair visit.  I probably just couldn't face thinking about it at the time. We are still having trouble with out holding tank valve cables.  The repair representative has told us there is nothing more they can do to fix them aside from installing electric gate valves.  The cables are far too long to work correctly and two of them are not closing properly again.  There is really nothing worse than taking the cap off your sewer outlet and getting wet feet.  Not cool, not cool at all.   

Aside from the problems we are having with our holding tanks the repairmen broke a light fixture, damaged some of the crown molding in the kitchen and attempted to hide it by slapping it back up broken and crooked.  There are several parts they had to order and will install when we are back in Junction City for the work.  I have asked them to work with DRV to get all of the proper approvals and parts for the RV before we arrive so it can be completed in one trip.  We are really getting tired of being tied to that area because we have to return over and over for repairs.  I'm not optimistic.  

We are in our second week at the park in Troutdale, Oregon.  We have enjoyed our time here.  The weather over the last few days has been spectacular.  It's cool, clear and the leaves are turning.  I love fall.  We are close to the kids and things we need and we are fairly close to the emergency room.  

Unfortunately we have had two occasions to visit the ER in the last few days.  Rob is having some undiagnosed, severe abdominal pain and is on clear liquids and pain meds.  When he eats or drinks anything other than clear liquids it causes increased pain.  He told me my life would never be dull if I married him.  He was so right.  We are currently in waiting to see if it will clear up by resting his gut.  Time will tell. 

I've had a couple of chances to see little Clementine in the last few days.  She's a week old today and so sweet.  Check out the hair!
The day she was born I made her a cow hat.  Mom picked the pattern our and I whipped it up.  
Camden has requested a baby bull hat and we picked out the yarn together.  I have work to do.  Today is a very rainy day so it's a good day to crochet.

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