Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Breakthrough and a Meltdown in the Little RV

Rob is on the mend!  He had much less pain yesterday and was able to stop his pain medication.  We are making progress.  Now if we can just get all the pain meds out of his system so he stops having vivid dreams and acting them out in his sleep! 

On the other hand, Grant has come undone.  Yesterday I noticed he had blood on his face and after a closer inspection I found he had scratched his head so intensely that he actually has two open wounds on his head.  

After making this discovery I had a meltdown.  

I've done a lot of thinking since yesterday and have decided we need to go back to home cooked food for Grant.  I'm not looking forward to cooking for him again but I certainly can't watch him suffer like this.  When I think back this itching started in Connecticut which is where he had a tick on his face in the area he scratches.  He also started his new dog food around the same time.  

Yesterday I dug out the labels on everything that goes into Grant's body.  I read the ingredients and did some research online and discovered one of his medications has corn starch in it.  Grant is allergic to corn among many other things.  I did check when he first started the medication but I think the generic has changed and now contains corn starch.   Basically, I don't know what is causing this itching so I think going back to square one is the only option. 

On the up side, I get to visit with my daughter and her family today.  I've been eager to get my hands on little Clementine!

Here's an update on our RV Repairs.  We were scheduled to be in Junction City for repairs on Monday but we will not be going.  Most of the parts have not arrived.  They were ordered more than 6 weeks ago but for whatever reason they are not here.  I will spare you all of the gory details.   

Our repair representative was finally able to speak to DRV about our holding tank problems.  They have asked for an estimate for changing us to electric gate valves.  Hopefully this is a good sign.  So it seems we will be staying here in Troutdale for a while longer.  At least you won't hear me complaining about that!


  1. My wife has always cooked for our dogs and she still does. Sometimes they eat better than I do. . .

    1. Ha Dizzy! Wonder if your wife would agree with that?