Monday, September 2, 2013

Where Will the Little RV Camp Next?

Over the past few days we have been slowly working through a to do list while relaxing and attempting to shrug off some stress after a string of medical appointments and RV repairs.   We decided to stay put in Harrisburg, Oregon over the Labor Day weekend in order to avoid the throngs and masses of people celebrating the last weekend of summer.  We really enjoy this campground.  It's spread out and there is a lot of open land for Grant to run and play.
The park is laid out in a dog leg shape.  We are near the paw!  Their WiFi doesn't work out there so it's pretty sparsely populated and we love that. 

We installed a new faucet in the kitchen a couple of days ago. The faucet that came in the RV actually broke along a seam and was spraying water from the wrong place.  Imagine that!  

Rob has worked on buffing out some scratches we have accumulated during our travels.  We have a couple of broken blinds that we have to fix or replace.  

My big, ongoing problem that I can't quite conquer,  is the pantry drawers.  The weight in the drawers causes them to push the doors open and is tearing them up and making a huge mess when we travel.  I thought I had solved the problem with my fancy baby locks but the weight actually breaks them and they fail.  I have tried to install several types of latches and locks but none of them has worked.  Before you ask, I have considered moving some things around but it just doesn't work.  I'm going to the hardware store today to attempt again to find something that will work.  

Yesterday we decided to go and check out the Mckenzie River area for camping and fishing opportunities.  The area starts about 25 miles from where we are currently camped.  It's a beautiful, wide river in rugged terrain.  While we were driving along we discovered this beautiful, old covered bridge.  
There was just no good angle for photographing the bridge but then I discovered this staircase from the bridge down to the riverbank. The bridge is Goodpasture Bridge built in 1938.  From this angle I was able to get some good shots. 

We didn't find any great campsites but there were many day use sites and boat launches.  We're going to look elsewhere for our next camp.  It's sometimes hard to find a place that isn't crowded but will take an RV our size that is near a place we can access for fishing with Rob's balance and breathing problems but persistence will pay off!

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