Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organic Laundry Detergent in the Little RV?

Houston we have an allergy!  Rob has been experiencing intermittent itching for the last couple of weeks.  We absolutely couldn't figure out what was causing it until we slept on fresh, clean sheets and he woke up itching like a mad man.  

I love my washer and dryer.  The washer is a High Efficiency front loader.  They use significantly less water than top loaders.  I had heard so many bad things about RV sets that my expectations were pretty low and I knew we were limited to small loads.  Even after having this problem I still love my washer and dryer.  I just know they have to be used differently.  
Clean sheets are the best so I change them, and the blanket every 4 or 5 days.  I've used the same laundry detergent for several years and never had a problem but after reading about sensitivity to the ingredients in laundry detergent I think the problem may be the fact that my washer is very small and may not be rinsing all of the detergent out of the blankets.  

First I called my daughter.  She's "crunchy"... her word, not mine.  She is into all things natural and knows a lot about laundry as she is a cloth diaper washing expert.  She suggested I thoroughly clean or "strip" my washer first.  I looked the process up online and found more than one way to do it but I choose to run a long cycle with very hot water and 2 cups of vinegar.  Then I ran another cycle with bleach and after those where finished, I cleaned the seal and all the nooks and crannies with vinegar and a rag.  Some of the pictures I saw were so gross but my washer wasn't bad at all, thank goodness!  I also cleaned my dryer with a rag and vinegar to remove any residue.

Now that my washer and dryer are clean and residue free I can start washing EVERYTHING.  
Not my laundry pile but it sure feels that big!

I did some research online and consulted my crunchy daughter to find good organic detergents that I will be able to find fairly easily no matter where we are camping.  I need one that doesn't have chemicals that will cling to the fabric and cause irritation.  I choose BioKleen.  The main reason I choose that brand is because I have used their Bac-out cleaning products and had exceptional results. 

My first task is to wash all of the bedding twice and with an extra rinse cycle.  With such a small washer and dryer that will be a long process.  I should be finished with enough today so that I can remake the bed with all fresh bedding and hopefully Rob can stop scratching and taking Benadryl. Then I can start on the clothes.

Wish us luck!


  1. Allergies are a real nuisance and can be deadly. I hope his sensitivity doesn't get worse.

    1. Me too Dizzy. Bet Rob hopes the same. Benadryl knocks him out for hours at a time so I haven't seen much of him lately. Hopefully this will do the trick.

    2. When I was a kid I had asthma real bad and went throug a lot of Beadryl.