Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Laundry, Baby Watch and Hats in the Little RV

Picking up where we left off in the last post I have now washed, dried, folded and put away at least 397 loads of laundry.   Because something on the bed seemed to be what was causing the problem I focused there first.  Sheets, blankets, mattress pad, down pillows, pillow covers, decorative pillows and more.  I flipped the memory foam topper and put all the clean fresh bedding back on the bed.  

When we went to bed later that evening, I was just falling asleep when Rob said, "I'm itching again!"  After blurting out some choice words, I started thinking about the situation.  Then I asked Rob where he was itching.  It was his chest and the only thing touching his chest was the blanket.  I went and got a lighter fleece blanket and switched them and the itching stopped.  This really confirmed what I thought was going on.  The blankets had built up a residue of detergent that my washer is just too small to remove.  The blankets have to go!  Rob has been itch free for about 36 hours. 

We'll be replacing them with less bulky blankets that will rinse out better.  I'm going to continue using the organic laundry detergent because it seems to work well and it is so concentrated it's great for the Little RV because it just doesn't take up much space. 

We're still on baby watch.  Christina and her family had some maternity photos taken last weekend.  They are gorgeous! I snagged a couple to post here.  

I'm still crocheting.  Camden asked for a zebra hat so I found a pattern and made one. I also made him a dinosaur hat.
Rob has some medical appointments next week so we'll be heading back to Washington in a few days... with lots of hats and clean laundry!


  1. My wife crochets all the time. In fact, this week we brought back some more yarn from Hobby Lobby. Those are great pictures of the mother-to-be.

    1. Oh how I miss Hobby Lobby. There aren't many out this way. I try to go whenever I see one.