Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Watch and Loving the Feel of Fall in the Little RV

We're on baby watch around here these days.  Christina (our daughter) is due at the end of the month but had her first early and has been having a lot of really strong contractions on and off for the last week so we're just going to stick around for the arrival of #5.  If we were to head out I'm pretty sure Murphy's law would kick in and the little one would arrive without Grammie and Grampie.  This simply will not do.

I love fall.  I know it's technically not fall yet but I can feel it in the air.  I love waking up to a cool morning but knowing we'll have a bright, sunny afternoon. I love the shorter days and making soup for dinner.  I especially love the sound of the wind high up in the trees.  It reminds me of being at my grandparents house for some reason. 

I always seem to take up my crocheting in the fall.  This morning I am sitting in my cozy chair crocheting with a blanket over my lap and feet.  If it were any cooler I'd have the fireplace on too.  

I made these tiny pants for the new little on we are waiting for. 

I've been crocheting fun hats for our grandchildren lately.  I have a little girl owl,

a shark,


and this colorful big girl hat.  I'm working on a dinosaur today. 

Rob decided to get an Oregon fishing license so he can do some fishing since we are right here on the banks of the Willamette River.  He's finding that most of his old fishing gear has seen better days so a shopping trip may be in order.  Rob used to work in his woodworking shop back at home but over the years he just couldn't tolerate it any more.  Fishing is tough too but he can sit part of the time and that helps.  He also loves photography so we do some of that to keep busy.  He shot a couple of beautiful sunset photos the other day.  I'll share them with you.  


  1. I love your little hats and those baby pants are adorable. Beautiful photo of a gorgeous sunset. Those sure are some ominous looking clouds above, but the orange light below makes them spectacular.

    We woke up to a very rainy morning here in the Phoenix area this morning and it's so wonderful to have that cozy pitter patter coming down when you wake up.

    Happy "labor day" to your daughter and blessings to the new baby!

    1. I've been a crocheting fool on and off since we found out the baby is a girl. Can't wait to meet her. I'll post a photo as soon as she arrives.

      We are planning to be in the Phoenix area this winter or spring. We're just starting to plan our next trip so nothing is nailed down. I have a friend from elementary school who lives somewhere around there. I'd love to see her. I've never been in that area so I'm looking forward to it.