Monday, August 26, 2013

The Little RV Visits Portland

Our son-in-law, Ryan came to the campground on Saturday to help us with a couple of RV maintenance items.  He climbed up on the roof and swept it off (they don't allow washing in the campground) and he installed our gutter extensions. We so appreciate his help with things we just can't do ourselves.  Maybe we won't the those nasty black streaks on the Little RV.  Thanks Ryan! 

Today we leave the Portland area and head back to Junction City.  I'm hoping our special order part has arrived or will arrive soon.  

Rob is exhausted from so much activity over the past few days.  So, yesterday I took my sewing machine to my daughter's house to make curtains for the breakfast nook in her new house.  Now that the painting is finished, curtains were in order. Christina loves to decorate in a retro style.  Note the jello molds on the wall and the old Formica dining set that belonged to Ryan's grandparents. 

Once that was accomplished Ryan, Christina, Camden and I went on an adventure.  

Christina is allergic to dairy, gluten and soy so her food choices are very limited.  Portland is a foodie town so there are many more opportunities for her to find food she can eat.  

One of her food discoveries is Cultured Caveman.  It's a food cart that produces Paleo food.  She can actually eat everything they sell.  We tried the bacon wrapped, almond stuffed dates.  Excellent!  Camden had the Paleo chicken tenders which are breaded with coconut flour.  

Christina and I are suckers for a swanky market.  So, after a quick snack we went across the street to New Season Market where they feature natural, organic and locally sourced foods and an amazing bakery section. This bakery rivals some of the bakeries we visited in Europe.  Camden agrees.  

Christina found a Chai Spice Cupcake free of dairy, gluten and soy.  Camden got a gluten free chocolate cupcake!

After grocery shopping we headed back to her house, said our goodbyes and I drove home to start preparing for today's short trip south. 


  1. Got the RV worked on and you put up crutains in your daughter's house. You even had time to go eat. I would say a pretty perfect day.

    1. It was a good one Dizzy! It's always nice to see the kids and get some things done along the way.