Thursday, August 15, 2013

Repair Episode # 7,537 for the Little RV

We got the Little RV back yesterday and are currently residing in an RV park near the repair shop.  We have a little cosmetic work to be done and are trying to get worked into their schedule.  I really don't want this post to be negative but I don't know how to avoid it.  It's just the way things are. 

Now about those other repairs...
The rear window was removed, the old couch removed and the new couch was installed.  The new couch was supposed to be chocolate brown but it's really black.  However, I really like it and it goes well with the fabric on the cornices.  Grant says he likes it too.

Still contains broken glass!
Unfortunately they broke one of the light sconces while installing it so a new one is on order.  I' m a bit concerned about what color the metal will be when they arrive because the last new fixtures were brushed nickel and all of the originals are oil rubbed bronze.
These fixtures are also stripped and the bulbs will not come out.  They are being replaced.  

One of the offending fixture
Fix lights over island that keep coming down while moving and hanging by the wires. Part of the new light fixtures were apparently stripped during the installation in Arkansas.  They both have to be replaced.  New lights are on order. They were able to remove the damaged parts and make the light functional in the mean time. 

Purdy, no?

Secure seam molding on the ceiling.  As it turns out the the molding was coming down because the entire ceiling panel was coming down.  It's a 4'x8' panel.  Can you imagine the damage if it had actually fallen during travel? The trim was damaged during repair and has to be replaced.  It is also on order.

Empty but shows 2/3 full...still.
Investigate tank sensors that still don't work.  They tried everything to get the tank sensors to work but were not successful.  They flushed the tanks, cleaned the sensors, reset the panel which showed zero for a moment then went right back to full.  They plan to install a new panel and it is also on order.
Replace the broken living room A/C filter cover.  This has been ordered.
Fix the leaking gray tank(s). Fix the black tank valve that is so hard to open and close that it is breaking the wall behind the handle. This may not be possible.  Apparently the cables that run from the control panel to the gate valves are just too long to function correctly.  They replaced the cables and rerouted them numerous times and they are better but the repair people are not convinced it will stay that way.  They told us at the first sign of problems we should let them know immediately.  The only other thing that can be done is to install electric valves and that will be expensive.  Because this is an ongoing warranty issue we would attempt to get DRV to foot the bill but I feel like that would be a long shot.  

Given all of the above and the fact that our factory warranty actually ended on June 15th, it seems that DRV, the manufacturer, is covering these repairs. I had written to ask for an extension of the factory warranty back in June but was denied.  They did tell me they would take our repairs on a case by case  basis.  I'm sure there will be an end to that generosity at some point but for now they seem to be playing nicely.  

For those of you who keep telling me that RVs have problems and have to be repaired, thank you and I understand.  However, there comes a point when the problems are excessive and completely unacceptable. We are at that point.  I am thankful that DRV has stood behind their product thus far but it won't last forever.  These repair stops tend to take over your life for days or weeks at a time. The amount of time we have lost in delays and the stress over these problems have become too much. Yesterday I was an emotional wreck because this never seems to end and takes our freedom and ability to do what we wish.

In an effort to recover emotionally from the past few days or perhaps months, I plan to sleep, cook, clean, do laundry, organize and feel like I have some control over my life.  


  1. It certainly does appear you have had more than your share of problems with your little RV, doesn't it? In the ~10 years my brother and his wife have had their 43' Teton Aspen, they have not had the number of issues you have had in one year. Based on your experiences, I know I would never buy from this manufacturer. Are you in a position to consider selling or trading for a different trailer?

    That being said, the black sofa is beautiful and very much in style.

    1. Getting a new RV has been a topic of conversation around here lately. No decisions yet though. I like the couch too!

  2. I gave up trying to replace some burnt out light bulbs since I broke stuff trying. So, I am taking it to the dealer and going to let them do it.

    1. But isn't it sad that we can't change a light bulb without paying someone to do it for us? It seems like they are all in cahoots to get our $$$.

  3. Not sure I can get the link to work, but I'll try and post it below. By chance the post is dated 2012 which is the year you bought your DRV. This post is from the Puppy Paths Blog and details the issues the owner had with an Elite Suite. Not to put salt on your open wounds. I do appreciate, for a change, someone posting about the bad and the good. Really appreciate the valuable information as my wife and I prepare to go full time.

    Here is the link:

    1. Hi Again Mark,
      I've read some of Puppy Paths RV issues in years past but nothing recent. Wonder if they ever got a different RV? I perused their blog for a while but couldn't tell if they ever did.
      We decided to do "real" on the blog from the beginning. Rob and I do not lead a charmed life and we do have some gnarly things happen along the way but have a good life and everyone has ups and downs so why not share.
      So much has happened and changed since the posts you have commented on. I won't spoil the story!
      Happy reading.