Sunday, August 18, 2013

Observing Youth from the Little RV

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours sitting outside in the shade in a deserted RV park.  The park is completely full of RVs and tents but the people were all gone.  Why?  They are here to attend a huge country music festival with big name performers like Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and The Eli Young Band.  No, we did not attend as the tickets were sold out months ago. 

 Friday afternoon they started to arrive in droves.  Most of our fellow campers are late teen and early 20-somethings.  They generally arrive in cars or SUVs, pour out of the vehicle and tents begin to spring up.
By 5 pm nearly all of them were gone leaving their belongings strewn around their sites.

Early then next morning when Grant and I went outside there were even more tents.  They sprang up in the dark like mushrooms.  Rob said he herd them arriving during the night after all of the concerts were finished.  I heard nothing.  

I worked on some minor repairs Saturday.  One of our blinds broke and needed to be repaired and I needed to add a secure catch to the new cabinet we purchased recently.  Rob spent some time outside making the truck shine like a new penny.  It was interesting to watch our fellow campers go about their day.  The girls, as girls will, do everything in groups.  Once they wake up they all pile into the car and leave the campground.  It appears they make a beeline to the nearest Starbucks to use the facilities and get their morning caffeine fixes.  They all come back with large cups of latte's, frappucchinos, cappuccinos, mochas and the like.  

About mid-afternoon the activity ramps up.  The girls start their preening.  They change clothes donning short skirts with bare midriffs and cowboy boots. 
Curling irons are plugged into the power posts in their campsites.  They line up while one of them  curls their hair and then her own.  While they are preening, phone are being charged.  Everyone takes a turn at the charging cord.  By 4 pm almost everyone has cleared out.  

This morning they seem to be getting an earlier start.  I see them stumbling out of their tents and into their cars to make the pilgrimage to Starbucks.  Several car alarms have been set off by sleepwalking teens.  Slamming car doors are the background music for this morning.  

All in all, I have to say they have been more well behaved and considerate than campers many years their senior.

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  1. Well just maybe there is hope for the future if they were well behaved. Sure makes feel better to know that.

    I prefer Bluegrass music and most clasic country. Most modern country music is too close to rock. When I sit down to pick my old Ovation, I pick old county ballads.