Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Plumbing Lessons in the Little RV

Disclaimer:  Many details were left out of this post in order to protect those with weak stomachs.

Yesterday before I showered (thank goodness) I went out to dump the black tank.  We've used the macerator quite a few times now and have a routine that works pretty well for us. We needed a couple of parts from the RV Parts store here in town so Rob and Grant went to pick get them.  I got started with the tanks and within minutes I had a full fledged disaster on my hands (and a lot of other places).

The sewer outlet under the RV has bayonet fittings that hold the hoses on to the outlet so that the waste can be directed to the appropriate place.  The fitting is held on with the tabs you see in the photo below.

When I attempted to attach the macerator to the sewer outlet one of the tabs broke off.  This is not a good thing.  As it turned out the part that broke was permanently affixed to the RV.  

Using extreme caution I continued my task.  

We tried to get a repair person to come out and replace the fitting but nobody was available on such short notice.  When Rob returned we took a look at the damage and decided how to proceed.

We decided we could fix it ourselves.  While I finished pumping the tank and cleaning up Rob went back to the RV Parts store to get a replacement fitting and stopped by my Dad's to get a couple of saws.

I was able to crawl under the RV and cut the pipe off directly behind the broken fitting and replace the offending part with a brand new one which I glued into place.   

It's working like a champ with no leaks.  Another plumbing lesson learned. Maybe we should open a mobile RV repair business.


  1. Kind of reminds me of the movie RV with Robin Williams. Have you see it? Hillerious!!

    1. Dizzy, I love that movie. It was on just this morning when I got out of the shower Rob was watching it. The part that was playing was the sewer clean out incident. Such perfect timing.

  2. That was quite a dirty task! Good thing you had the broken tabs replaced right away. It would have indeed been a huge problem if you just waited for someone to do it for you. So, how are things going now? I hope you haven't encounter any more plumbing woes after that.

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV