Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grant Visits the Tar Pits and an Epic Pinterest Fail for the Little RV

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is take Grant out to conduct his business.  Yesterday was no exception.  However, things did not go as planned.  We were meandering around the campground looking for the perfect spot when Grant stepped into a boggy area in some trees.  Before I could blink he was up to his chest in black, sticky, oily muck.  It was all he could do to get himself out.  I thought I was going to have to go in after him.  Of course he immediately shook it all over me too. 

Once I got him back up to the Little RV I took the outside shower sprayer to him.  Plain water was completely useless so I went inside to get his shampoo.  I scrubbed him thoroughly and got some of it off but he was till too filthy to go inside.  Then I remembered the Dawn commercial for the oil spills.  It made a huge difference.  I think it took me at least an hour to get him clean enough to bring him inside and it wasn't even 7am.   

The reason we are camped in the greater Portland area is to visit with my daughter Christina and her family and to help her prepare their new home for the arrival of their second child who is due in just a few weeks.  For the past two days we have been painting her kitchen, dining area, living room and hall.  She chose to paint the majority of those areas with a shade of paint called Rainwashed.  I have renamed the color Brainwashed.  I'm just quirky like that.  
Christina and I both love to peruse Pinterest.  If you've never heard of it, check it out.  A few months ago we both found an idea on Pinterest that we thought would be great in her new home.  This is the photo we saw.
Pretty, isn't it?  
Christina choose her paint colors and when we were finished with all of the edging and most of the other painting, I started on the hombre wall.  Following the instructions associated with the pin I worked away measuring and marking the wall in preparation for the fabulousness that would be our hombre wall.  I'd paint then stand back and look, paint and look, ask Christina her opinion and paint and look.  The more I painted the worse it began to look.  By the end, we had a full scale Pinterest fail on our hands. Ugh!
That's Camden, my grandson.  He says "Grammie made a big mess." Let me just say, I do not fear paint.  If you hate it, just cover it up with more paint.  But, I am not used to project failure so I set to work finding out what I did wrong online.  I turns out there are a few things we didn't know that would have made the end result much better.  The most important being the use of oil based paint because it dries much more slowly and blends better.  I think Christina has decided to paint that wall just the darkest shade you see in the photo at the bottom of the wall rather than buy more paint.  Hey, Grammie tried!


  1. I've certainly had my share of paint disasters, but nothing another coat (or two or three!) couldn't fix. I'm sure Christina's wall was beautiful when finished.

    Sounds like an outside shower and Dawn detergent are musts for RVers with a pooch. I'll have to remember that for my future RV life.

    1. Christina is going to paint that wall the darkest color as an accent wall. I think it will look great. I've never used that shower but I was sure glad it was there when I needed it. It was just nasty and we are in a park with no sewer hook-up so running that much water inside was out of the question.
      Did I mention my maiden name was Murphy? No, really!

  2. Glad you got Grant clean up so he could go back inside. And that wall, I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, I kinda like it.

    1. Dizzy, it's not awful but it certainly didn't turn out like we planned. Camden makes it look much better.