Sunday, August 4, 2013

Discovering RVing "Types" in the Little RV

Since the house officially closed we are in an RV park again.  I actually really like this park because it's a  stop-over park and we get a whole new set of "neighbors" every day.  The price is great here for a longer stay.  It's $25 a day but if you stay 5 nights you get two free so it's $125 a week.  Quite a bargain if you ask me. 

All of these neighbor changes have got me thinking about RVing types of people. 

Velcro RVers - These folks can pull into a nearly empty RV park and will always choose the space closest to another rig.  Even if all of the other spaces are larger and nicer they will park right next to you as though you serve as an anchor or wind break of some sort. 

Phantom RVers - They arrive like phantoms at dusk hooking up only the most necessary utilities.  Then the whole place goes dark and they are gone when you wake up in the morning.  Like it never even happened. 

Early Exit RVers - These are the folks that have to be somewhere NOW!  They get up early and start preparing to depart immediately.  They tend to start somewhere around the time when if woken you can't go back to sleep.  They also tend to open and close every bay door at least 5 times.  

Slammers - These are the RVers who slam every door including cabinet doors and bay doors without fail.  When parked near a slammer, you will hear what sounds like thunder in the distance when their rig is inhabited.  It is particularly unfortunate to be parked next to a slammer who is also an early exit RVer.

Clown Car - This is the RV that pulls in and when the door opens more people and pets pour out than clowns at the circus.  You can't imagine how they all fit in there.  It's like an awful accident, you shouldn't look but you can't look away. 

Thrill Seeker - This is the RV that pulls in with sporting gear sprouting like warts from any flat surface on the RV.  They generally tow something as well. You'll see a toy hauler RV with kayaks attached, hauling a couple of motorcycles on a trailer or towing a boat, jet skis, or perhaps snowmobiles.  These RVers tend to be clown car RVers as well.  Sometimes you need a lot of friends and/or family to use all of that equipment.
Puttering RVers - These folks just can't seem to relax.  I tend to be the same way so I kind of understand.  Generally you'll notice these RVers outside, under the awning working away at some hobby or even inside a utility trailer full of wood working equipment.  They keep busy and tend to be very quiet.  

Yappy Dog RVers - These folks have little, yappy dogs who bark incessantly when their owners are not home.  Generally I assume the owner has no idea Yappy does this.  This is particularly annoying if they leave their windows open and yappy likes to sit on the back of a chair and yap. 

Partying RVers - These are usually folks who travel in packs.  Two or more rigs will arrive at the same time and within an hour they are set up next to each other with the ice maker spitting out cubes in an effort to keep up with the demand.  Open up the bay door and it looks like a fully stocked bar.  These folks tend to make friends quickly and before you know it there's a party going on. The party starts like this:
But turns into this:

Last but not least there is the CIA RVer.  These folks see, hear and know everything going on in the campground.  These RVers are never the camp host. 


  1. I am trying to figure where I fit in. I don't party and don't drink, so that is out. I don't travel with friends, I'm not thrill seeker, and I hate to putter but prefer to just sit. I do, howerver own three Shih Tzu dogs and don't know what they do when we leave but probably do bark for awhile and I wear cowboy boots and you can probably hear me walking around inside my motor-home. I also like to pick a guitar some. Hey, we all do something that irritates someone sometimes, right? But, I always try to respect the other guy.

    1. You may not fit in to any of those categories but I'm sure there are more. I don't know where we fit but I'm sure we've been categorized plenty of times. To each his own. Juley