Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Going On in the Little RV These Days?

There's a lot going on here!  I'm a list maker.  One of my favorite things is to make a list and then check things off as they are accomplished.  We have checked so many thing off of our to do list this week.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment.  There are things we have needed to do for quite some time and just haven't been able to get to them.

We had decided some time ago that our BBQ grill simply took up too much floor space in the basement so we sold it and got one with a much smaller footprint.  We got an O-grill and the stand that goes with it.  

When the grill is closed it stands on its back and the stand folds up flat so it takes up very little space. 

We returned our tire inflator because it just doesn't have enough oomph.  We got a small portable air compressor. 

The basement has been thoroughly cleaned, organized and reloaded.  We also put some rodent deterrent down there just to be on the safe side.

The outside of the Little RV has been washed.  It is as clean as we vertically challenged RV owners with no ladder can get it.

We have purchased an extended service contract at a reasonable price for a 7 year period. 

We removed our dining table and chairs that never gets used and will be replacing it with a cabinet of some kind for a bit of additional storage.  I'll write a post about that when I actually figure out what to put there.  

Here's a biggie... I unscrewed all of the heating vent covers and cleaned the ducts.  It's amazing how much junk falls into those things because they are right in the traffic areas.  They offered up dog food, grass, carpet fibers, twigs, dead bugs, you name it.  They are now clean as a whistle.  

I washed the windows inside the Little RV and cleaned the screens.  Basically I did our spring cleaning in the dead of summer. 

The sticks and bricks house seems to be getting closer to closing but who knows when it will actually happen.

Today we dumped the tanks, took all of our garbage to the landfill and ran some errands.

We have an appointment in Junction City, Oregon in August to get our new couch installed.  Hopefully the "pleather" won't peel off of the new one. 

But first, our daughter, Christina and her family moved from Spokane to Portland, OR last weekend and we are going down for a visit and to help with some painting and make some curtains and basically have a week of decorating and organizing with my girl.  My kind of week!  There will be at least one Ikea trip in there as well.  I'm excited.  Maybe I'll find my new cabinet there.  No sales tax in Oregon!

I'm still trying to figure out where we can park the Little RV that is not going to make for an ugly commute to and from her house.  

We will have to be home in early August for some additional medical appointments but we are scheduling them in groups so we can go away for a couple of weeks here and there.  

We also have a family reunion coming up in August.  It's will be in Oregon as well.  Looks like we'll be pretty busy for a few more weeks.  It's a good buys though.  Perhaps it will give me more to write about. 


  1. Wow, a clean RV. I better not let my wife read this blog or she will want me to clean ours (grin).