Monday, July 29, 2013

So Much Accomplished in the Little RV

The past few weeks I've been working on making our house on wheels feel more like us.  I've complained about the shades of beige and the baby poop brown pleather that is the foundation of DRV's decor in this model.  I'm so excited about the fact that I have nearly banished from the Little RV.  

Since my last post I Rob and I removed our table and chairs.  We simply did not use them enough to warrant the space they took.  We replaced it with this beautiful cabinet which has ample storage and feels like "real" furniture to me.  The lighter color brightens the space up a bit too. 
Once we got the cabinet in here I was faced with a dilemma.  How to secure it so it won't move around during travel.  After much discussion and browsing the aisles in Lowe's, I settled on Velcro.  Yes, I said Velcro.  Now this is not just any Velcro but "Industrial Strength" Velcro.  I was skeptical but after a placement mishap that required me to pull the cabinet out again, I am convinced it will hold.  I applied three 24" strips to the back of the cabinet in places that make contact with the wall.  I was really glad I didn't have to make holes in the wall.  In the event of "Industrial Strength Velcro" failure, you'll be the second to know.  

Of course with a new storage cabinet came the task of going through almost every cabinet, drawer and storage space in the Little RV to weed out the unwanted and to rearrange the rest.  A monumental task but, once I remember where I put everything, so worth it.  The longer we call this home, the easier it gets to organize our belongings.

My mission yesterday was to recover all of the cornices in the living area.  There are seven in all. This is a before shot.  Purdy huh?
I took them all down and started measuring, cutting, padding, and stapling and stapling and stapling. The new fabric is neutral but much more interesting.  Now I can decorate with any color I choose.  I love the results.  So much more my taste.  Rob loves them too.  

I ran out of fabric with only one cornice to recover so I have to run to the fabric store for two more yards so I can check this project off my list.  

In two weeks our new chocolate brown warranty replacement couch is due to be installed. That will complete the removal of the old infant waste brown from the Little RV.  

Our free RV parking ends on Thursday.  We'll have to move after nearly more than a month here in the driveway of our old house.  

We were supposed to be in Portland right now but there have been some developments in the closing of our house and that of my daughter's house.  Theirs didn't close when they expected it and ours is supposed to close on Thursday so we have been in limbo for a couple of weeks.  Next week we have some medical appointments but after that we're heading to Oregon.  Rob will be having some lab tests next week as well to see if anything has changed or improved.

Grant update:  Last weekend Grant discovered the neighbor's cat food is available for his dining pleasure in their garage.  They leave the garage door open most of the time so it's a buffet for the taking.  I caught him coming out of their garage chewing and licking his chops after he had not responded to my calls for a few minutes.  We have to watch him like a hawk to keep him from partaking in the kitty food buffet.

You may remember that Grant is extremely allergic to so many foods that, out of a sea of dog food varieties, we can only find one dog food he can eat.  
Needless to say, Grant has been having some rip-roaring, room clearing, flatulence over the past few days. Hope he gets over that soon!


  1. At least Grant didn't throw up all over the place or get the skitters. BTW, now you will have to change your wall covering to match the cornices (grin).

    1. Ha! No wall covering but I have considered painting. It's getting better in here though.