Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RV Maintenance Around the Little RV

Yesterday we started working on some things around the Little RV.  We are having some problems with our waste tank gate valves and I wanted to see if I could actually get to them and see what is causing one of the grey tanks to leak and what is causing the black tank valve to be so hard to open and close.  

We had emptied the basement last week so I crawled in and took the access panels off.  The photo below is of the compartment on the driver side.  You can see the water heater, furnace, central vac and a whole lotta' hoses, water lines and wires. The black tank cables that run from the control panel to the holding tanks is wound up in that mess.  You can see one of them just above my toe at the bottom of the photo.
This photo is of the area under the bathroom.  The white cylinder at the top is the water filter housing.  You'll notice all the wires and electrical equipment sitting directly under the water filter.   

Let me just say this is exactly how the Little RV came from the factory.  Did they really think this through?

Try as I might I was not able to see or even reach the location of the gate valves so that was a waste but I did change the water filter while I was down there.  I was able to shove a bucket into the mess and under the filter but it didn't catch all of the water so things did get wet.  I dried everything as well as I could.  It kind of makes me nervous when that happens.

We had a very cloudy morning and it was cool outside so after buttoning the basement up I decided to try giving her a bath.  She got so dirty on the last leg of our trip.  

The experience taught me a couple of things.  First, we have completely inadequate tools for washing an RV.  We need some long handled tools and perhaps a ladder of some sort.  Second, I'm really short.  I did get about 3/4 of her washed.  I scrubbed and scrubbed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser trying to the the silicon sealant clean.  What an ugly job that is.   Perhaps we just need to hire someone to do a wash and wax?

I'm working on some interior projects too.  I have decided I am tired of beige.  EVERYTHING inside the Little RV is a shade of brown.  We have tan, beige, brown, caramel, chocolate, cream and every other brown/beige color imaginable.  I think the best way to add a pop of color is to recover the window cornices. 

This is one of the bedroom windows with the original fabric.  
I took the other bedroom window cornice down and will attempt to cover them both with new fabric today.  When I took the cornice down I discovered the manufacturer found yet another place to cut costs. The window is trimmed with coordinating molding that runs just above the bottom edge of the window cornice.  Hey, if you can't see it, why put it in, right?

I plan to cover the bedroom cornices with the fabric on the right and the rest of the RV with the fabric on the left.  Wish me luck!


  1. There is always something that needs fixing or changing on an rv of any size or type.

    1. I have to agree with you on that one. There are a lot of things I'd like to change and certainly a lot of things that need to be fixed since the beginning!

  2. I wonder if the RV manufacturer purposely creates that wire & hose mess to deter owners from trying to DIY any repairs, and void the warranty in the process. It sure would deter ME! :)

    1. Now there's a conspiracy theory for ya. I hadn't thought of that but you may be on to something.

  3. I've been reading your blog start to finish and just have to stop and comment about DRV Tradition's version on wiring/plumbing runs. It's ridicules. I'm wondering now if all companies build to those standards. And to think they place such high value in how the Mobile Suite handlings water lines which is top notch.

    1. Welcome Mark!
      Those basement compartments are a true mess. I can't imagine putting out a product like that. I'd be so embarrassed I'd never be able to show my face. DRV was sold to Heartland early this year. I have no idea what if anything will change.
      Enjoy the ride!