Monday, July 8, 2013

Progress on Rob, Organization, and Decor in the Little RV

We've been very busy the last few days.  Between doctor's appointments, cleaning, organizing and decorating it's been an action packed couple of weeks.  

Rob has seen his optometrist, ordered new glasses, had a ton of lab work done and saw his new family practice doctor for the first time.  He's had a couple of medication changes that have presented quite a challenge, notably an allergic reaction in the form of severe itching for the last two nights.  Clearly more changes are in store.  

Today we saw his internal medicine doctor and his urologist.  His lab results are troubling.  They show a fairly sharp decline in his kidney function.  We'll be seeing his nephrologist (kidney doctor) to decide how to proceed.   

On a much lighter note, I've been working on organizing the basement so we can find the things we need when we need them instead of weeks later.  I'm trying to use the vertical space instead of just the floor space.  I added some hooks to hold our cords and hoses from.  We now have a place to hang our chairs up off the floor as well.  

I also added a paper towel holder and a four shelf vertical rack just inside the bay by the utility connections.  We put things like hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, and bungee cords in it so they would be within easy reach when setting up and breaking camp.  

This is the whole set-up minus all the gear in rubber totes and the grill.
Now we just need to sort the rest of the basement contents and store them away in the appropriate tub...with labels.

Yesterday I finished recovering the cornices in the bedroom and put the new blinds up.  Here is the before picture followed by the after shot.
Much less BEIGE, don't you think?


  1. Love the new fabric! Nice job centering the diamonds, too. :)

    I bet you're glad to be "home" close to Rob's doctors for a while to get things sorted out for him before heading out again. All the best.

    1. Donna,
      OOPS! My OCD is showing. I would never have been able to live with them if the diamonds were not perfectly centered.
      We are really glad to be seeing Rob's doctors. His Internal Medicine doc, cardiologist and nepherologist are awesome doctors and we trust them. I know he's in good hands.

  2. I'm a seamstress (and a bit OCD myself) and agree centering the diamonds is a must! :D