Monday, June 10, 2013

The Little RV Visits Flaming Gorge Lake Where I Discover I Have an Addiction

We've been MIA for a whole week.  After we left Colorado Springs we drove northwest toward Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Southwest Wyoming.  

We had hoped to snag a camp site in the Buckboard Federal campground but there were no sites with electric available.   Electricity is mandatory for us because of Rob's oxygen concentrator and the high altitudes we have visited recently.

We ended up staying next door in a private campground called Flaming Gorge Marina and RV Park.  When I called to make our reservation they took my full name and I spelled it for them.  They didn't want any other information and said they had a site for us.  Well alrightie then! 

When we arrived on Thursday afternoon I went inside to check in and pay for our site.  Both women told me that someone using my name had called and cancelled.  If you know our last name you know that is beyond highly unlikely as we have a most unusual last name.   

They said they has a space for us even though we had cancelled.  The experience and the women doing the checking in were extremely abrasive.  However, we did check in and pay for two nights because we were literally in the middle of nowhere.  As I walked out the door one of the women shouted, "Keep your dog on a leash."

Our site was just fine and had a small green grass yard and full hookups, and doggie doo in the yard.  There were lots of regulars and or seasonal residents in the park but the views were spectacular. There were also a lot of dogs who were NOT on a leash.

Rob, Grant and I hopped into the truck and went to explore as soon as we were setup at camp.  We drove toward the south end of the area which is in Utah.  Oh those fluffy clouds and that BLUE sky!
We both noticed the landscape in the south end of the area is significantly different than that of the north end. 

The recreation area straddles the Utah / Wyoming boarder.  The centerpiece of the area is the 91 mile long Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  We drove into Utah and stopped for diesel.  
As it turned out there was a fishing tournament on Saturday and Sunday right there at the RV Park and Marina.   There was a lot of boat activity going on.

When we got back from our adventure we discovered we had absolutely no internet or cell phone connection at all.  That was a first in all this time we have always been connected even if the connection was sporadic.  

I began having IMMEDIATE withdrawals.  Hello, my name is Juley and I'm addicted to technology.  I can't blog, I can't talk to my daughter, I can't research campgrounds and routes!  ARGHHHH!  

As you can see, I did survive the ordeal.  We stopped in at the office and asked if they had WiFi.  The woman I spoke to the day before informed me that they did not have WiFi and if I had Verizon, there we absolutely no Verizon cell towers in the entire state of Wyoming.  Fascinating, no? This was the same woman who told me I had cancelled my reservation so her credibility was questionable at best. 

Saturday morning we got up, packed a lunch, a dog, chairs, and fishing gear and went in search of a secluded spot to spend the day.  There are dirt roads leading to the lake everywhere and at the end of those roads there are many, many RVs parked.  It was still fairly easy to find a secluded spot on the beach to hang out for the day.  
See anyone else nearby?  We like it that way!
Rob and I both agreed we enjoyed the area very much.  Our first few years together we spend most weekends either tent camping or just out taking pictures in the Pacific Northwest.  It felt like old times and what we both had in mind when we started this adventure. 


  1. Glad you servived the with drawal and are back to normal. I am the same way. I would put that RV park on the black list. BTW, I use an oxygen concentrator at night after I get to bed, unless I need an extra boost during the day because of altitude. I have two of them, one in the RV and one at home in the master bedroom.

    1. I'm glad I survived too! Rob has a large oxygen concentrator that we keep in our closet upstairs in the RV. We had it in our house previously. It puts out LOTS of heat which is bad but it's necessary. We are trying to get a portable battery powered one so we can actually boondock. Boondocking has been our goal since we started this adventure. We need to add some solar to our rig but we're getting there little by little.

    2. Yes, they do put off lots of heat. At home I put it in the bathroom and shut the door. In the RV, it is beside the bed. Not only heats the room but it does make some noise. Just some of the things one has to get used to as they get older or at a young age if you have sleep apnea. I have had oxygen machines for many years.