Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Little RV Explores Massacre Rocks State Park

Yesterday after dinner Grant and I went for a long walk around the park.  Rob was resting and we wanted to see if we could find a trail down to the river.  We didn't find river access but we did find some interesting things.  

First there was this snakeskin, a gentle reminder to watch were you step. 
Snakes give me the heebs big time.  Back home when I was mowing the lawn on the riding mower and I saw a garter snake out of the corner of my eye I would scream.  To me it might as well have been a giant anaconda.  

We found this beautiful wild flower along the trail too.  I have no idea what it is but I bet it is gorgeous in bloom.

I have been seeing these birds in in Wyoming, Utah and here in Idaho. We thought they looked like a pelican but weren't sure.  This one looks like he has been using hair gel.
Snagged for Wikipedia
While Grant and I were out walking I found this information sign.  That cleared up that mystery!
They are much larger than I thought they were.  The information says their wingspan can be as much as 9.5 feet.  That's HUGE! Second only the California Condor. 

On the way back we stopped for a photo of the Little RV in her site.  
One last look at the beautiful Snake River.  We leave in the morning for lower elevations!


  1. That pelican is just trying to stay in style. I bet he is a swinger for sure.

    1. Dizzy, I'm not toughing that one with a 10 foot pole!

  2. My mother was bitten by a copperhead in her youth and told us about it numerous times. It's not an experience I'd want to have...

    1. Diva,
      I'm so glad your mother survived her bite. I have what some would call an unreasonable fear of snakes. I have snake dreams occasionally and kick and scream in my sleep. I'll pass on the snakes, thank you!