Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheyenne Mountain State Park and The Little RV's New Site

Yesterday we moved across the street to a different site.  
We are now in a large pull-through with absolutely nothing obstructing our view.  


We are right on the edge of the Rockies and the first of the mountains is directly behind us.  The views are very different.  

We haven't been doing any sightseeing due to the altitude.  We are at about 6500 feet and it's really causing Rob to have difficulty breathing.  His oxygen level was alarmingly low yesterday so we are working on that.

Tomorrow we are going for a sightseeing drive to the top of Pike's Peak.  Elevation 14,000 plus feet.  We'll be extra cautious!  We really want to see some of the sites before we leave the area.  We had planned to stay a week but we need to get to a lower altitude.

I spent the majority of my day in domestic goddess mode.  I ran to town to get some groceries and remember all of the dust from the dust storms I was complaining about a few days ago?  
It had sifted into every possible opening in the Little RV and it had to go!  The Little RV is sparkling clean!

Tomorrow we are going on an adventure!

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