Saturday, June 15, 2013

About Those Reservations...

There's a reason we don't normally make reservations or even plan in advance.  We are having some medication challenges again and that combined with the altitude and Rob's breathing has prompted us to cancel our reservations at the two Idaho State parks and head for my daughter's house in Spokane.  

Yesterday we made almost 300 miles and stopped for the night at a campground near Butte, Montana.  The campground is at the intersection of I-15 and I-90 and put us in a great starting point for today's drive. 

I wanted Rob to be somewhere special on Father's Day so we decided to stop in St. Regis, MT.  St. Regis is just 70 miles west of where I spent the second half of my first childhood.  Bonner, Montana.  This area feels like home to me.  It's beautiful and I feel at peace here.   

Rob loves to fish.  He especially loves fly fishing and what better place to fish than Montana.  Missoula and its surrounding areas are considered one of best fishing destinations in America. 

We are in one of the nicest campgrounds we have seen so far on our travels.  It's called Campground St. Regis and is close enough to the freeway for a stopover yet far enough away to get that real wilderness feeling.  We are also surrounded by mountains which is part of the park's appeal.  

The grounds are well kept and most of the older tree stumps have been made into chainsaw carvings.  This one practically has his nose pressed against one of our slides.

Speaking of bear, we took a wrong turn on our way to the campground and literally saw a brown bear run across the road in front of us.  He got away too fast to get a photo but it sure was exciting.  We eventually found a place to get turned around or we'd still be stuck on that uphill, dirt road.  

The park is well shaded and cared for.  I thought this stump turned planter was pretty.

Hopefully we'll have some more beautiful Montana photos for you tomorrow.  Perhaps some fly fishing photos too!  The altitude is much lower here so we are hoping for a good day.

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