Monday, June 17, 2013

A Father's Day Fishing Trip for the Little RV

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Montana.  We are surrounded by rivers and there are so many places to fish or just relax by the river here in Montana.  Rob loves to fish.  He especially loves fly fishing but has been have some pretty serious shoulder pain recently so yesterday fly fishing was not an option. 

After stopping at the local fishing outfitter we learned no license was necessary as Father's Day was a free fishing day in Montana.  Rob picked up a couple of lours and a fishing access guide and away we went.  

It didn't take us long to find a great spot to spend a couple of hours on the river bank.  
Upstream view
Downstream view
We set up a couple of chairs and got comfortable.  Rob fished, Grant moseyed around, sniffed, and generally did doggie stuff.  He really likes to wade in the water and never takes his eyes off Rob.
Three rafts put in just upstream from us.  One of the rafts has three tiny children on board. Hope they kept a good eye on those tots. 
Butterflies were abundant yesterday.  At one point one landed on Grant's derriere.  Ha...not very manly having a butterfly on your backside.  
No fish were caught but a good time was had by all! 

Apparently Grant is ready for his afternoon nap.  


  1. Sounds like you all had a very nice day. BTW, it is called "fishing" not "catching" for a reason. . .

    1. Yes, we have learned that lesson many, many times. Good thing we like the fishing part.

  2. Lovely area! It looks like you have a relaxing day fishing...

    1. Feels like home there! If you get the chance, go.

  3. I linked to your blog from rvsue, went back and read every entry, and I really love it. You write with a perfect balance of adventure, sights and scenery, beautiful photos, and personal stories. I am especially amazed by your absence of whining and wallowing in the face of all the challenges you have had this year, starting with Rob's health and ending with the multitude of mishaps with your beautiful Little RV. Rather, you seem to take it all in stride, move forward and focus on the wonderful life you have together. I hope Rob gets his medications back on track with the new doctors. Keep writing and I'll keep following. Blessings to you! (P.S. Love the crocheted hats. So cute!)

    1. Donna, Welcome and what a lovely comment you left. Thank you so much. I always worry that I will whine too much so it's good to hear someone confirm that I don't.

      I'm astounded that someone would spend their valuable time reading the entire blog from start to finish.

      Please feel free to comment whenever you like. Comments make me very happy.

      I'm currently crocheting a tiger hat or two for a couple of little grandsons. I'll post a photo of one when it is finished.