Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is That Awful Smell in the Little RV?

We got her back!  This morning we went to Wheels RV to pick up the Little RV.  All of the repairs have been made plus a couple of maintenance items we requested. 

The first time I went into the RV I noticed a terrible smell and remembered I left some towels in the washer and they were pretty sour smelling.  I figured when we got parked this evening I'd run the load with bleach and kill the smell.   So, we unloaded all of the stuff we had at the hotel and put most of it away, hooked up and away we went. Three weeks in Arkansas was too long for me. 

This evening we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We are just stopping for the night so we didn't even unhitch the truck. Tomorrow we are going just over the Oklahoma boarder into Kansas and will stay there for a couple of nights.  

I'm working on three loads of laundry right now.  The sour towel smell is gone but another smell remains.  
I can't figure out what it is or where it is coming from.  It kind of smells like a wet dog and it might be coming from the heating vents.  I'll have to investigate further when we stop next time.  


  1. Tracking down bad smells can be harder than you think. Hope you find "the wet dog" and it is an easy fix.