Friday, May 17, 2013

The Little RV's Neighborhood Creatures

Good news!  Most of our parts are in.  Apparently the light fixture has not arrived yet but all of the other parts are at the repair shop so we'll begin repairs on Tuesday.  We know we will have to spend at least one night in a hotel but hopefully no more than that. 
The last few times I have walked down the street to the dumpster I have noticed a couple of birds who get quite alarmed and animated when I approach.  Today Grant and I went for a walk and took the garbage out and I noticed the birds again so I went back in and got my camera.  

According to Audubon Arkansas the bird is called a Killdeer. 

This is what they are protecting.  They lay their eggs in gravel and they blend in really well.  This shot is close enough that you can see them pretty well.

This is the bird's broken wing act.  Apparently they try to lead prey away from the nest by acting like they have a broken wing and when they get far enough away they fly to safety. 


  1. I haven't seen a Killdeer for quite some time. I always used Peterson's book of birds. I have had mine for over 60 years, but the birds still look the same.

    1. Dizzy, We used to have hundreds of books but now I think we have about 10. They had to go when we downsized. I have to rely on the interwebs for my birding information.