Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Little RV Waits...Again

If I had a dollar for every time I have typed delayed on this blog I'd be able to buy a whole tank of diesel for the truck.  But here we are again, waiting.  I guess if you're waiting this isn't a bad way to do it. 

I haven't had an update on the shipping or potential arrival of the parts we are waiting for so that our repairs can begin.  Later this morning I'll call Wheels RV to get an update on those parts and the new couch.  

In the mean time we have been keeping ourselves busy.  I spent a day sorting through our belongings and weeding out things we just don't need in order to lighten the load.  My theory is, if we haven't used it in 8 months we probably won't need it.  

While I was sorting Rob was shopping for tires.  Being stuck here for a while is good in some ways.  It has given us time to do some research about tires and decide what to do.  

Yesterday we found a branch of one of the banks we use and drove to Missouri to deposit some checks we have been carting around for a while.  It was about 32 miles to the bank.  Along the way we stopped at Goodwill to drop off the items I purged from the Little RV.  

The weather here is all over the place.  One day it is hot and sunny and the next we have thunder storms.  Grant wants you all to know he does not approve of the thunder storms.  He sticks close to us and if we are in bed he gets under the blanket and hides.  

This morning on the news I see there were some very severe and deadly tornadoes in Texas.  That is certainly a reminder to listen for warnings as we are in prime tornado territory in prime tornado season.  Seems we are always in the wrong part of the country at the wrong times.  Might I remind you of our attendance to Hurricane Sandy's show back in October.  

I've also been crocheting like a mad woman.  I have tons of yarn (good thing it is light weight) and 4.5 grandchildren so I can come up with lots of projects.  


  1. One of my pups is just so afraid of thunder I think she may have a heart attack. A long time ago, I had one that died during a thunder storm. BTW, my wife crochets a lot, too. She made our dogs clothes.

    1. Dizzy,
      My husband would have a fit if I tried to dress Grant. I don't think Grant would like it much either.