Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Little RV is Getting New Shoes Tomorrow!

This morning Rob called Camping World in Colorado Springs and was told they don't carry tires.  On to plan B.  On an off chance, Rob called a tire store in the closest town, Lamar, CO population 8,000, and they actually have 20 of the tires we have decided on in stock.  Tomorrow we will hitch up and head for Lamar for new shoes.  I hope these hold up better than the last set.  To make an awesome find even better, they are considerably less than we found them for in Arkansas.  Bonus!

We changed the flat tire this morning and spent some time sitting outside enjoying the lake.  It was much calmer outside this morning. 
Grant snooping and Rob lounging
Hasty Lake Dam
We went for a drive today to check out the surrounding area and on the way back we ran into another dust storm.  
That's all dust in about 50 mile an hour winds.  It was not raining.  I do not enjoy the weather here! It just comes up out of nowhere and you have to take cover and wait it out. 

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