Monday, May 20, 2013

The Little RV and the Weather

Meet of some of our animal neighborsMr. and Mrs. Canadian Goose and family on the golf course pond

Swimming in formation.
And now, the weather; 
When my daughter was little she came home from kindergarten and sang The Weather Song to me.  It starts out "The weather, the weather, the weEEether...".  It still goes through my head when I think about the weather.  

Yesterday there were forecasts of severe thunder storms, hair, heavy rain, and tornadoes.  When they showed the map of the areas that were on alert the area we are in was right smack in the middle.  This is apparently a three day event.  Oh joy! 

We did have a little bit of thunder and a very short lived rain squall but other than causing Grant to come unglued there were no ill effects here in the Little RV.  

Who hangs out in tornado alley in the springtime?   This is today's forecast. 
  • Monday - North Texas and Oklahoma northeastward through northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas and Missouri into parts of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Tornadoes, large hail and damaging wind gusts are all possible.
Our hearts go out to those in the three other states who weren't so lucky yesterday.  

On a happier note, the Little RV goes in for repairs tomorrow!  We are checking into a hotel for a night or two (fingers crossed).  We find things tend to take much longer than planned when it comes to this lifestyle.  Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised.  

Yesterday we thought we were going to have to add another repair to the list.  Our downstairs air conditioning unit stopped working about mid afternoon.  When it got really hot in the living room we noticed it has stopped working.  I checked the breakers and fuses and the breaker had flipped.  It was labeled hot water heater but it reset the AC unit. go figure!  Now the question is, why did it blow the breaker?  This is the newer AC unit that was installed in October in Rapid City, SD after our roof incident.  I'd like to have them check it just to be sure it's ok.  

I have a list of things to accomplish today to get ready to move out.  It is not as easy as just pack a bag.  We have medication, medical equipment, dog items, special foods and a bag to pack. First on the list is a telephone visit with one of Rob's doctors. 

It'll be a busy day around the Little RV.


  1. Stay away from tonadoes. I have been in and seen way more of them than I needed to. Lost my first camping trailer to one. It flipped it over and over and over until it completely ruined it. That was when we used to live north of Fort Worth where tonadoes are not uncommon.

    1. Dizzy,
      We wouldn't be anywhere near tornadoes if we weren't still stuck here waiting for our repairs. I don't like the weather here one bit!
      In the Pacific Northwest we don't do tornadoes.