Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Storm Damage, Starkey COE Campground and The Little RV's Repairs are Complete

Today we went for a drive to another of the Beaver Lake COE campgrounds.  This time we wanted to check out Starkey.  It was a beautiful day and a drive.  Unfortunately we arrived at the campground only to find the gates closed.  There were quite a few trees down in the area and the roads were littered with debris from the trees.  We are assuming the campground was closed due to storm damage but I haven't been able to confirm that. 

We decided to check out the Dam Site Campground that is just a few miles away.  It was absolutely beautiful and right on the shores of Beaver Lake.  I'd love to stay there but it's all booked for the holiday weekend.  I did take quite a few photos today but they are stuck in the camera until I can get the cable which is back in the Little RV.  I snagged this photo of Beaver Dam off the interwebs.

Late this afternoon we got a call from Wheels RV letting us know we can have the Little RV back tomorrow by noon!  Mark spent a long time on the phone with me explaining what they found and what they did to fix the problems.  

I am hopeful that they have fixed the black tank leak once and for all.   The fitting that attaches the black tank to the pipe that runs from the toilet was cross-threaded when it was installed at the factory and was not water tight.  All of that has been replaced and tested and no longer leaks.    

The leaking slides were found to be improperly installed seals which have been fixed.  The cabinet door was replaced, cabinet hinges were replaced, molding damaged by water from the leaking slides were replaced, the lights above the island were replaced with a different style, the tank indicator panel and tank sensor wiring harnesses were replaced.  There is more but this is getting long so I'll spare you.  

We haven't figured out where we are camping tomorrow night but we hope to get somewhere and hunker down for the holiday weekend.  I'm sure campsites will be hard to come by starting tomorrow.  I guess you'll have to wait and see just like we will.


  1. I'm happy to hear that you're finally getting the Little RV back. While it took a little longer to get it repaired, I do hope that the extra time meant that everything has been dealt with, and that you won't be facing any problems for a while. Happy RV'ing!

    1. Thanks Prairie City RV,
      We hope all of these problems are behind us so we can enjoy the lifestyle more.