Thursday, May 9, 2013

News from the Little RV

These last few days have really had some ups and downs.  The repairs on the Little RV were supposed to be started on May 7th.  We started out on Monday being told our repairs were being postponed for another week due to a delay in getting the parts from DRV.   Roll with the punches right?  We were given a new repair date of Monday, May 13th. 

Tuesday we found out DRV will be replacing our couch BUT, we will have to wait several weeks for it to arrive.  

Wednesday we got another call from Rob's doctor's nurse telling us that the medication refill we requested was only going to be a 30 day supply.  This is the same doctor who had her nurse call on our anniversary to tell Rob he had to come in and get labs done and have a visit before she would refill his other medications.  We have a telephone visit scheduled with this new doctor to discuss how difficult she is making things for us.  Of course she thinks we'll be discussing the refill situation.  HA!

Today Wheels RV, our repair shop, sent an email letting us know that the parts had not been shipped by DRV on Monday as he thought and in fact have not been shipped as I write this.  Apparently the black tank has not arrived there yet.  We are now shooting for May 21st for repairs to begin. 

A few minutes ago I got an email asking what color couch I'd like. I was given four swatches to choose from.  They are all in the brown family.  I'm thrilled to get to choose because I absolutely loathe the baby poop brown we have now.  I'm going for chocolate! 
Christina and babygirl

Camden and Ryan

My daughter Christina and her husband Ryan are expecting their second child on October 1st.  Their first child is Camden who is 4 1/2 years old is very excited and really wanted a little brother or sister.  We got great news last Friday when Christina had an ultrasound and found out they are having a little girl.  We are thrilled to welcome another grandchild and so glad they are having a girl.  That will make three grandsons and two granddaughters.  I have a lot of sewing and crocheting to do.  
Christina and Camden



    1. Dear Anonymous,
      It appears that Washington State's Lemon Law was written for Motor Vehicles only. I did not see any mention of non-motorized RV coverage. Thanks for pointing the law out to us though.