Monday, May 6, 2013

Good News and Bad News in the Little RV

Over the past few months we have learned that RV repairs are not something you can rush (or count on for that matter).  A couple of weeks ago we spoke to DRV and were referred to Wheels RV here in Arkansas for our repairs.  We scheduled an appointment for tomorrow to begin the extensive list of repairs.  I was asked for and sent a long list of the issues along with several photos so Wheels could order any necessary parts, which they did.   

We arrived here yesterday and this morning we got up and drove over the Wheels RV to go over the issues and ask a few additional questions.  Just as we arrived they called us to let us know that the parts they ordered for our repairs had not arrived and were in fact just being shipped today. It's looking like next Monday the repairs begin. Fingers crossed.

Now for the good news.  Wheels RV actually ordered an entirely new set of parts for our black tank and tank level woes.  We get a brand spankin' new black tank with sensors, new wiring harness, and a new readout panel.  Wheels RV said that with all problems we have had and all of the attempts made to fix the problems they are just going to start from scratch.  I have to say, that makes me very happy.  We also learned that they are building my new cabinet door at DRV and will ship it to Wheels RV when it is finished.  Wonder when that will come in?  

Another warranty problem we are working on is our couch.  The leather or plastic or Naugahyde or pleather or whatever it's upholstered with is peeling on the arm and one cushion.  I'm hoping they will replace it with a fabric couch instead.  If not, I worry that it will start peeling too. 

After stopping by Wheels RV we went in search of a grocery store.  Turns out we are very close to a lot of shopping.  We are always saying, "When we get to a bigger city we need to find a _______"  Fill in the blank with Best Buy, Camping World, decent grocery store, Target, Cabella's, Starbucks, etc.  Today we found ALL of these stores and more.  Looks like a chance to pick up some of those things we have been looking for so we can add more weight to the Little RV.  

We also stopped in the office to pay for a week here in the RV park.  I'll take some photos of our views of the golf course and the pond behind us for our next post.  It's very pretty.   

So there you have it, the good and bad news.  It's a very good thing we aren't on a schedule, isn't it?


  1. If you follow our blog you know that I broke down twice on my trip. The first was a quick fix the second took a lot more doing. There is always something but I still love to RV.

    1. I did see that. But I also saw that you had a really nice trip. I love RVing too. It's an adventure.