Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions in the Little RV

It's a beautiful day here in Arkansas.  We have sun and about 75 degree temperatures.  For some reason I woke up at about 3:45 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  Don't you love that?  I finally rolled out of bed around 6 am and took Grant out for his morning business.  Then it was latte' time.  Ahhhh

I did take a few photos of the park and our view last night near sunset. 
The park is two long rows of 30 sites each with full hook-ups.  Nothing fancy but the spaces are fairly generous and have cement pads.

Here we are in site 43

There are about a dozen turtles lined up along the bank of the pond. 


This is the view from our rear window.

Later this morning I decided to wander down a few sites and take Sally, from Where RV Going, up on her invitation to stop by.  Sally and Leonard are great folks just getting started in their RV adventure with their gorgeous new Mobile Suites. Their pup Sprocket is adorable and very sweet.  I'm pretty sure I talked their legs offSorry guys!

I mentioned yesterday that our couch is peeling.  Here are a couple of photos to show you what I mean. 

arm damage
cushion damage

Wheels RV called this afternoon with the news that DRV has approved the replacement of our couch.  That's great news!  I did ask that they replace it with a fabric one and from the sounds of it, they will but I'm not at all sure what we are getting.  I asked that I be given the opportunity to at least see it first.  After all, I have to look at it daily so I'd like it to be somewhat attractive, no?

So here's the decision I mentioned in the title of this post.  They tell me it could take "several weeks" for the couch to arrive.  That means we have to either stay here or come back in "several weeks".  Alternatively, I think we can have it shipped to another dealer but I'm not sure.  And exactly how long is "several weeks"?

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