Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust, and Speaking of Dust...

Progress - we are in the Mountain time zone!  This morning we are in South East Colorado at John Martin Reservoir State Park.  

We are parked in a lovely and very large site backed right up to Lake Hasty.  The sites are fairly level but are all dirt/sand and gravel.  All of the sites have a covered picnic table.  Of the 109 sites in the campground only about a dozen other campsites that are occupied.

We had an uneventful drive from our previous camp in Kansas until we pulled into the park.  The tire pressure monitoring system alarm went off.  Ugh, not again!  We watched the monitor closely as we drove into the park.  This park has electric only sites and we needed to fill the water tank before we parked the Little RV because it had been emptied when our repairs were done and the water at the campgrounds where we stayed tasted like soap.  Pass, thanks.

By the time we got parked in our site and got the weight off of the tire it was at 22 psi. down from 75 psi.  Fortunately we did not have to get it fixed or replaced immediately. We set up our campsite with our chairs and satellite Tailgater.   

Around 5pm the wind came up and continued to get stronger as the evening went on.  Grant refused to go outside.  There was dirt and dust flying and the RV was rocking like crazy.  I am amazed that there is no damage to the RV but the amount of dust inside the Little RV this morning is astounding.  Grant was a trooper through the wind storm.  

We have to replace all four tires on the RV.  It's as simple as that.  The tires that were on the Little RV when we purchased her are simply not sufficient for this large and heavy of a 5th wheel.  We have already replaced two of the tires and now a third is shot.  I estimate we have about 8-10k miles on the original (remaining) tires. 

We have decided to stay with a 16" tire but will be getting a much more heavy duty tire with more treads and a stronger sidewall.  We have not found them in stock so they will have to be ordered.  So far Camping World seems to have the best prices and their closest store is in Colorado Springs which is about 150 miles from here.  

I refuse to buy another new tire just to go 150 miles so we may just put the spare on and take our chances.  We have AAA+RV so if we run into trouble again we can call for help.   

We will be leaving here bright and early tomorrow morning as our site is reserved for someone else starting Thursday afternoon. 


  1. I sat through one of those dust storms when pulling my bumper pull travel trailer. Saw it coming and got pulled off the road. We sat in the trailer and almost got rocked to sleep. BTW, back in 1959 I was at Colorado Springs at a Wally Byam Caravan Club outing. Went with my Uncle in his airstream.

    1. Dizzy, I'm going to post a picture of today's dust storm. I'm not a fan. I do love Airstreams though!