Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Busy Travel Day in the Little RV

We were up pretty early this morning, out of the Texas campground by 8:45 and in Oklahoma by 9am.  We drove on a fairly small two lane highway most of the way to Arkansas.  The countryside was absolutely beautiful, lush and green with a gorgeous blue sky.  It was a 250 mile day.  This evening we are parked in a small campground in Arkansas.  The campground is part of a golf course.  It's pretty quiet but also rather full.  

I have a confession.  We had never weighed the RV to see if we were within our weight maximum.  I just never happened.  Today we stopped at a CAT certified scale to see just how pudgy the Little RV truly is.  
This weight is for both the truck and the 5th wheel, fully loaded including the three live bodies who inhabit it.  Yes folks, we weigh nearly 26,000 lbs.  Yow!  However, as far as I can tell we are not overweight.  I'm still researching that and it is very confusing when I read about it online.  I'll report back with more information if I can get this figured out.  

One thing I was worried about was whether there was too much cargo weight in the RV itself.  I found this sticker on the door.  
From what I can figure out we are very close to that number.  We need to get weighed using RV scales so we can get more accurate weights and see how well the weight is distributed.

I updated our visited states map today!  Yay!


  1. I don't know what happened to my first comment, so will try again. I have three 100 gallon tanks; fresh, grey, and black water. If all are full, that is a lot of extra weight. They never should all be full. The trip should start out with only the fresh water tank full and it will not fill up the other two. There is a lot of hidden weight in an RV that we all seem to forget about. You know, like that big old tool chest you stuck in there for emergencies. . .

    1. Dizzy you're back!
      We keep 1/2 tank of water and black and grays are empty when we move. We do have that toolbox you mentioned. Try and get Rob to part with that!