Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Little RV Visits a Most Fascinating City

Yesterday was our day to explore New Orleans.  We were fascinated by so much of what we saw but we were also horrified by the poverty, filth and just overall sadness of parts of the city.  The place we wanted to see most was the French Quarter and Rob and I decided to have a very rare meal out while were seeing the sights.  Grant "opted" to stay home and hold down the fort.  

The French Quarter was much larger than I expected.  After driving around for a while and getting our bearings we found a parking garage tall enough to park the truck in and they had valet parking to boot - score!  We set out on our walk around the area.  Really it was more of a shuffle, stop, shuffle.  The streets and sidewalks are very old, narrow, uneven and there are bricks and other fittings missing so we had to be very careful to stay upright.  Rob also stops frequently and without warning to take random photos.  In other words, I have to be on my toes or I'll lose him or crash right into him.  

I have to say, the area was kind of gross.  Rob kept smelling vomit and I kept smelling urine.  Either way, YUCK!  

There was definitely something for everyone there.  The architecture was beautiful and it was very colorful in places.  There were many, many restaurants in the area and many more bars.  

This building reminded me of some we saw while traveling in London.

After walking around for as long quite a while we decided on Deanie's Seafood for lunch.   The heat and humidity yesterday were pretty bad and it was so much more comfortable inside.  Rob ordered the charbroiled oysters and a catfish po-boy.  I had the shrimp and oyster platter.  It was so good and the seafood was as fresh as any I have ever had.  
I have to say, all of the employees we have dealt with here in New Orleans, from Deanie's to the grocery store, have been some of the most genuinely warm and friendly we have encountered in our travels.  

We picked up the truck and continued our tour.  We drove past the French Market and we really wanted to stop but there was just no place to park close enough for us to walk there.  


We also stumbled across St. Louis Cathedral which is absolutely lovely.  

Grant was very happy to see us when we arrived back at the Little RV. 


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