Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Little RV Visits a Hip Hop Spring Break Event?

Yesterday we arrived in Gulfport, Mississippi after a short drive from our previous campground in Alabama. It was a very nice day to me but probably a bit cool for the locals. It wasn't humid at all so I was happy!

We found the campground and set up camp.  Later in the evening we went out for a drive to see the area.  We drove west for a while and stopped to play with Grant on the beach.  There are miles and miles of beach just like what you see in the picture.  The best part is there is almost nobody on the beach.  I noticed right away the water is an odd color here.  It isn't the bright blue I am used to seeing in the ocean but it has a brown cast to it.  I stood in the Gulf of MexicoThe water was warm.  

One of the thing we really noticed was the remnants from hurricane Katrina.  There are so many cement slabs along this stretch of road where buildings once stood.  There is a lot of empty land for sale where people either choose not to or were not able to rebuild. 

After playing on the beach we loaded a very sandy and tired Grant up and started driving toward Biloxi.  
The closer we got to Biloxi the worse the traffic got. 

There was a huge police presence and even a mobile command center on the beach.  I grabbed my trusty smart phone and started trying to find out was was going on.   As it turns out we arrived on the first day of ...
Borrowed from the official Stompin The Coast website
This appears to be a Hip Hop music event with  predominantly African American performers 
and fans. 
Borrowed from the official Stompin The Coast website

In other words we stuck out like two sore thumbs.

Borrowed from the official Stompin The Coast website
Here is one of the performers advertisements complete with "Parental Advisory".  Young Scrooge just doesn't look very happy to me. 

One of the more notable cars in the traffic back-up.  Note the correct use of spelling and punctuation. 

A new day dawns over The Little RV and it looks like this.   Today we have wind and rain and thunder and lightening.  It stormed all night and poor Grant didn't get much sleep.  Taking him out this morning wasn't a picnic either.  Hope this clears up soon. 

Happy Spring Break everyone!  


  1. The Mississippi river turns gulf water and sand brown. I live in LA for 9 months after college.

    1. Thanks Paul! I wondered what caused it. The muddy Mississippi into the semi-muddy gulf.

  2. Glad to hear it was not humid. I don't mind the heat but extreme temperatures and humidity really affect me. You have a lovely blog.