Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Little RV Visits Gulf Shores, Alabama

I finally got to color in a new state on our Visited States Map!  If you're a regular reader you know that makes me very happy.  
The Gulf Shores Beach, Alabama

We have been having short but daily drives and we are both tired.  Rob and I arrived in Alabama yesterday around noon.  We are planning to stay here four nights. We are parked in a strange little RV park but we like it.  It has 30 sites and only 5 are occupied.  We are in the corner far away from everyone else. I have spoken to the park owner on the phone three times but I have never seen anyone working here.  

Grant has been experiencing some pain in his head.  We can't seem to locate the pain or find the cause.  On Sunday, it really flared up so we decided it was time for a vet visit.  We were in the middle of nowhere so we had to move to a more populated area before we could get him seen.  He was feeling much better on Monday but I was worried so I got on the phone right away this morning and made an appointment.  They wanted us to bring him in right away so they could work him in.  I hadn't even showered and neither of us had eaten anything but we loaded Grant up and headed out to find the vet.  

Grant says not to worry, he's ok
The people in the office were great and so friendly.  Boy those southern accents sure come back in a hurry.  I lived in the south when I was a little girl and when I am around the accent I pick it up quickly and without knowing it.  Rob pointed that out this morning.  Fortunately he thinks it's cute and not obnoxious.  Anyway, the vet checked Grant over thoroughly and couldn't find a thing wrong.  We'll  have to keep an eye on him.  

Since we were getting closer to the beach area we decided to do a drive by.  We went to Gulf Shores.

Aren't the colors of the beach houses are great?

Beach house on stilts! Most of them were but the ocean was just over the sand dune.  Almost all of the many beach houses in the island are rentals. 

We are hoping to spend the day doing some sight seeing tomorrow.  We'll see how everyone feels in the morning.  The weather forecast is warning of very strong storms on Thursday so that will be a home day.  I guess if we want to stay longer, we can.  Isn't that what this is all about?

Today we were able to play ball with Grant in the huge grassy area behind our site.   He's a happy boy!


  1. Glad you pup is OK. That RV park sounds like a great place to stay. Some are so crowded that you are withing a few feet of your neighbor's RV. That is not what I call camping, but then, having a RV is not considered camping to someone with a backpack and tent.

    1. I know Dizzy, I hate a crowded campground. I am so looking forward to boondocking when we get into more wide open spaces. I want to open the door and let Grant out to run and play. I also want some privacy!

  2. Juley - so glad you are having a good time on your adventure. Give Grant a hug for me - hopefully it's something as easy as allergies. Miss you :)


    1. We're doing well and keep moving along. It's always an adventure no matter where we are. Grant seems to be doing pretty well right now. I love that you are reading the blog. We have to get together when we visit your state.