Monday, April 1, 2013

The Little RV Moves to the Gulf Coast

Home is where your flamingos are, right?  Today our flamingos are in Naples, Fl. 

Our day was actually pretty funny in hind site.  A couple of days ago Rob was low on cash so I gave him what I had in my wallet... all of it... and promptly forgot I had no cash.  This morning we hot hitched up and under way but it wasn't long until we saw our first toll road sign.  I pulled out my wallet to get ready and realized I had no cash and we had accidentally left Rob's wallet in the RV.  

Do the toll booths take credit cards?  
How much is the toll?  
Is there a place to pull over so we can get his wallet? You can't pull a 50' vehicle over just anywhere, let alone fold out the stairs and open the door. 
Fortunately the fist toll was only $3.75 so we had enough change in the truck to cover it.  They actually charge by the axle. There was just no safe place to pull over so I immediately got online to see what was coming next.  There was another toll booth a few miles out.  The toll there was another $3.75.  We covered that too but the next one would be a problem.  Fortunately we were able to take an exit and get Rob's wallet before we got to the next toll booth.  The toll was $9 there.  Good thing we were able to get the cash before we got there.  For the record, Florida toll booths only take cash.  

The rest of the drive was uneventful.  We arrived in Naples and easily found the park we had reserved.  It's a gorgeous RV park.  

The sites are huge and it is very clean.  Everyone if friendly.  It's so nice to be able to walk outside in barefoot.  There are no horrible pokie things out there to step on.  This is an RV/Golf resort so there are golf carts cruising up and down the streets.  
Dinner = leftovers from Easter.  Strawberry spinach salad with grilled chicken.  Yum!



  1. I have a problem with my motor-home. Every time it rains, the power driver's window will not go down. That means the next time I go through a toll booth I will have to stop, put the steps down, get out walk around and pay it. I have had the problem fixed, twice, and it is acting up again. Oh well, got to live with it or not take toll roads.

    1. Oh Dizzy, that's not good. Wonder what on earth is causing it. Stay away from toll roads.