Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Little RV is Scheduled for Surgery Again

Yesterday I made some phone calls to attempt to arrange some warranty work for the Little RV.  We had heard about a place in Elk City, OK and wanted to go there but when I talked to the owner on the phone he told me he thought the repairs were over his head.  That's kind of scary to hear coming from someone so highly recommended but I appreciate his honesty.  

Plan B was to call DRV, the manufacturer of our RV.  I want to take the Little RV to a place where they are well versed in the DRV Tradition line.  DRV is a good brand with a great reputation but for some reason our RV seems to be riddled with problems.  We are finding that others who purchased from the Tradition line are having problems as well.  

I was able to speak to someone at DRV who I have spoken to with our previous problems so he was familiar with our situation.  He recommended that I call Wheels RV in Springdale, Arkansas and gave me the name of the person I should ask for.  

We have arranged to have the Little RV at the shop in two weeks for service.  I emailed a the list of problems we are having so he could have parts on handWe are optimistic that Wheels can resolve most of our problems but we've been down that road before, so to speak.  I'll include the list at the end of this post so you can see the extent of the work that needs to be done.

In the mean time we have two weeks to kill in this area.  We decided to stay at the little campground outside Paris, TX for another week so we can order some medications and our mail.  It may be a very quiet two weeks.
In the grand scheme of things, it could certainly be much worse.  

Repair Issues

The black tank is not sealed at the top where the toilet pipe is attached to the tank.  We have had constant black tank problems including sensors not working from the beginning, valve failure, overflow and leaking from the seam at the top of the tank.  We have had three attempts at repair which have been unsuccessful.  We stayed in a hotel in Connecticut for several days while the tank was being sealed.  We have had two subsequent overflows.  We cannot move unless the tank has been flushed completely and we cannot boondock because of this tank problem.   

The black tank sensors have never worked and we have had repeated attempts to correct that problem.  Because the sensors don't work we cannot tell when the tank is full so it gets to the top and leaks out into the top of the tank.  

The gray and fresh tank sensors do not work properly.  We attempted to have this fixed three times. These attempts have been unsuccessful.  The last attempt was to change the wiring harnesses but the repair shop did not want to take the tanks out to fix the problems so only two of the four were changed. 

All slides are leaking when closed and moving.  I have seen no  evidence of leaking when open and stationary.  The worst leaks seem to be the bedroom slide and the kitchen slide. 

There is water damage on the bedroom door frame and door.  We believe this is from the slide leaks.

The window across from the bathroom is fogged.  We attempted to get it replaced in August in Oregon where we purchased the RV but it did not arrive in time.  They have the window and will ship it for installation.  The replacement window is at Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon.

Several cabinet hinges have failed.  The plastic parts in the door pull out and the door just comes off in your hand.  We have been unable to locate replacement hinges that fit properly so we have used what we can find that will work until we can find the proper hinges. 

The large upper cabinet door needs to be replaced.  The lower hinge failed during travel and caused the upper hinge to bend.  It appears the door must have swung open hard and cracked the lower frame.

The cabinet catches are starting to break.  Two need to be replaced and I would like a supply for future breaks.

The drawer in the island sticks when opening and closing.

The refrigerator makes a squealing noise.  This is intermittent.

When the bulbs in the kitchen island fixtures burn out we cannot remove them.  The first one had to be done by a repair person and the second one had to be broken to remove.  One fixture is now broken.

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