Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Little RV is Lined up on the Tarmac, Expenses, and Some Random Stuff

...and we wait, and wait, and wait. 
Last time I ordered Rob's medication refills we ended up waiting in North Carolina for two weeks until they arrived.  Knowing it was time to order refills again, we planned out our stay, payed the weekly rate here in Paris, TX and the wait began.  That was last Tuesday.  Remember that phone call from Rob's doctor's office last Friday?  That delayed the processing of his prescriptions and it seems they were just shipped out yesterday which was Monday. 

Given the experience we had in North Carolina where the pharmacy shipped his meds via UPS Ground, I have been watching the website to get the tracking number and get an expected delivery date.  Finally this morning the tracking number showed up on the website.  According to the tracking information the meds should arrive on Thursday.  Keep your fingers crossed because we have to be in Arkansas for our appointment at the RV service center on Tuesday morning at 9am.  I thought this was supposed to be a lower stress lifestyle. 

I spent some time yesterday calculating our fuel and campground expenses over the past 8 months.  One of the things we wondered about when we were planning was the costs of both of these things.  Everyone will have different expenses because everyone will have different habits and preferences.

Mileage notes:  We have a 2012 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel Dually.  Our MPG generally runs about 10 mpg when we are towing the Little RV.  When we are not towing we generally get about 16 MPG.  

                              Campground $   Fuel $      September 2012       735                     935
October 2012           350                    1455
November 2012        100                     320 
December 2012        100                     365
January 2013           495                     480
February 2013        1035                     475
March 2013              945                     280
April 2013                940                     825 
Rounded the figures to the nearest five $

We are really looking forward to a slower pace and more boondocking as we move west.  That should lower our costs significantly.  Now if I can just convince Rob that we are not in a race.

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