Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Little RV is Immersed in HUGE Rain Storm and Memories of piggly wiggly

According to the weather forecast the storm was supposed to start at about 7am today.  There was some wind early in the day but the actual rain, thunder and lightening didn't start until around 4pm. When it did arrived, it arrived with a vengeance. 
Knowing that the storm was coming in today we had planned to hunker down and just relax today and we did.  When the torrential rains were finally over I looked out the window and noticed about 4 inches of standing water around the power station and our Dish Tailgater was sitting in several inches of water as well.  When we arrived here we had to use our regular power cord plus the extension in order to reach from the back end of the RV to the hook-up. This morning I had gone outside and moved the connection onto the concrete pad and under the RV.  When I saw all the standing water I was so glad I did.    

We didn't get to go and do any touristy stuff yesterday but tomorrow the weather is supposed to be sunny, warm and low humidity.  I like it!  Hopefully the sightseeing can commence.  

Dad - this is for you!
piggly wiggly - Funniest grocery store name ever!  It makes me laugh.

When I was a little girl and lived in the south we shopped at the piggly wiggly.  Then when Rob and I got married and moved to Tennessee we shopped at the piggly wiggly.  Now, when I see a piggly wiggly store I laugh and say the name.  Strange, I know

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  1. You are right, the first time I saw that store's name (piggly wiggly) I couldn't believe it. I made me laugh.