Friday, April 19, 2013

The Little RV has a Difficult Travel Day and WILD BOAR

This morning I am sitting in my chair in front of the "roaring" electric fireplace, with my favorite fuzzy throw and my latte'.  It's cold and I love it!  

We are in Natchitoches, (pron.: NAK-ə-təsh) Louisiana.  Really?  How on earth could Natchitoches be pronounced like that?  

Yesterday we left New Orleans planning a pretty long travel day, for us at least.  For the most part the drive was fairly normal until we were just outside Alexandria, LA and about 50 miles short of our destination.  The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) alarm went off and was telling us the tire pressure had dropped from 75 lbs to 65 lbsYou may remember after our last flat tire on The Little RV we purchased a TPMS.  Once we got off the road we discovered the front driver side tire (on the RV) was badly damaged and would need to be replaced.  

We have AAA+RV for roadside assistance on the truck and RV so I called them.  It took a while but eventually after hogging a large part of a gas station parking lot for a couple of house the tire guy finally arrived. He worked fast and had the tire changed in no time.  AAA couldn't find anyone they were contracted with near us so we had to pay up front and will be reimbursed.  $182 to get a tire changed.  

The damage.  I'm told this is not normal wear and could be warranted.  I'll have to make some calls to find out.  In the mean time, we need to get a new tire. 

We got back on the road just in time for the thunder storms to start.  I kept thinking about the last time we pulled the RV in the rain and how much water leaked in during that trip.  It took us about an hour to get to the campground and another 15 minutes to get set-up in the pouring rain.  The temperature had dropped from 84 to 57 degrees and we were soaked.  

After most of the rain has stopped I took Grant outside to take care of business.  We are in a small and very quiet campground.  There aren't many other campers here and nobody else was outside so I just let him go without his leash.  All was well until he started barking.  It was his protective bark.  I turned around and saw two wild boar (or feral hogs) strolling down the campground road.   Grant started toward them, barking away and then came back twice.  The third time he got too close and the big one started to charge him.  That's when Grant turned all chicken and yipped and ran to the RV steps. 

The larger one was about the size of a big dog and quite muscular.  He had tusks about 6 inches long and didn't look like someone we wanted to get acquainted with.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me so there are no photos of the actual boar but I found some images on the webThis looks like the big guy!  I'm pretty sure it was Hogzilla! Life is never dull around the Little RV.

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