Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Another Ordinary Day in The Little RV

I'm thinking of getting this for Rob.  He really misses his motorcycles and this would have such a positive impact on both of us, don't you think?

I hate a dirty house and piles of laundry and that's exactly what I had when I got up this morning.  I made a list of what I needed to accomplish today while I was drinking my coffee this morning.  I just wanted to stay home all day and get things done.  Most of it was basic housework but there were a couple of things that were on the list for a long time.  When Rob got up he said he was going to get the new RV tire put on the rim and then we could get moving.  WHAT?  I thought we agreed to stay here for another day.  So I vetoed Rob's best efforts to move on today.

While he was gone getting the tire I got the sheets changed, the bedroom and bathroom cleaned thoroughly including the awful cobweb I discovered yesterday above our bed.  I was working on the living room and kitchen when he returned. 

We have two pendent lights above the island.   Around Christmas time one of the bulbs burned out and we absolutely could not get the darn thing out to change it.  Our repair man, Eric was able to remove it and put the new one in.  The glass shade is very narrow and Rob can't get his hand inside.  When you try to turn the bulb the whole fixture turns but nothing comes apart and you can't take the shade off to give yourself space to work.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when the other bulb burned out.  I tried to change it but again, I couldn't get the bulb out.   

Today was the day we would conquer the bulb!

The chain of events that occurred next was ridiculous.  Rob climbed up on the step stool and tried to get the bulb out.  Then he went to the toolbox and came back with the pliers.  

We knew we were probably going to have to break the bulb to get it out but I didn't expect tiny shards of glass to spray in a 10 foot radius.  I had been vacuuming right before this all started so I grabbed the vacuum and started it up.  What a mess and the metal portion of the bulb was still stuck in the fixture.  

Rob stepped off the step stool and hit one of the side supports just right with his shoe and it broke.  He went outside to get the needle nose pliers.  I continued to vacuum up the glass and Rob continued to try to get the rest of the bulb out.  

Eventually I got up on the step stool to see if I could get it out because my hand will fit inside the shade.  After about a minute on the step stool, I felt it starting to give way and quickly stepped off.  It's a gonner!  Good thing it wasn't the one I use all the time. 

I finally did get the darn bulb out but not without breaking a chunk out of the plastic housing that the bulb screws intoI put the new bulb in, cleaned up the rest of the glass and went to flip the switch, nothingI believe we will be installing new light fixtures very soon.  I did finish everything on my list and I'm feeling much better about that.  

We are also considering an entirely new set of tires for the RV.  We feel that the tires that came on The Little RV are not the best choice for it.  However, we need to do some research before making such an investment.  We have 10 ply tires and would like to go with a 14 ply tire. We may end up going to a larger wheel as wellWhile researching this I have learned that tire blowouts can be devastating, causing injuries and/or many thousands of dollars in damage to the RV or other vehicles nearby.  We certainly don't need that. 

Tomorrow... Texas here we come!

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