Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Happy Anniversary in The Little RV

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary.  A couple of months ago I posted our story here.  If you're interested or missed it, you can read about how this whole thing got started. 

Rob had this beautiful bouquet made for me while I was grocery shopping.  He was chatting with the florist and she told him that I am lucky and that her generation just doesn't do these things anymore.  She's right, I am very lucky to have Rob and our interesting life together.  I guess that's what anniversaries are all about.  

Our day had its ups and downs.  Grant was very nearly out of caviar dog food and I had been making calls to try and find some.  If you missed reading about Grant's eh hm, issues, you can see then here, here and here.  I finally discovered the closest PetSmart with a vet was about 90 miles away from our campground.  Needless to say, we made a 180 mile round trip drive to buy dog food.  

While we were driving to get the dog food we got a call from Rob's doctor's office.   We belong to an HMO and apparently his primary care doctor left the organization.  They reassigned him to another doctor who has no knowledge of Rob or his situation.  

On Wednesday I ordered refills on all of his medications.  Apparently this is what alerted his doctor's office to take a look at Rob and his records.  The call was from the nurse telling Rob he has to go in to the clinic and get some labs done and make an appointment to see his new doctor before any more meds are refilled.  This is a PROBLEM!  After some confusing moments and getting disconnected I was able to get on the line with the nurse and explain the situation.  She looked back at his records and found the last visit we had with his former doctor.  The records clearly explain our situation so we are hopeful things will go smoothly until he can get back and see his new doctor.  

Let's hope the medications arrive without incident.  They are not optional.  

Two 17 lb. bags of dog food, a package of doggie potty pick up bags, a package of chicken jerky, a heart stopping phone call and $182 later we returned to the Little RV.  

On the way back home we got a call from the service department where we purchased the Little RV.  I had called them to ask that they ship our replacement window to the repair shop in Arkansas where we will be having our work done.  The window was ordered back in August when we were having some work don on the Little RV but it arrived too late to be installed before we left the area 

The guy we were working with told us to call and they would ship it to a place where we could have it installed.  Apparently that guy doesn't work in service any longer.  When asked about the arrangement he made with us he told the new service guy that he never said any such thing and that he had called us repeatedly to arrange to get the window installed.  Not true!  

We were told that we would have to pay for the window, shipping from the manufacturer to the original shop and shipping from the original shop to the new shop in Arkansas and then get reimbursed by the manufacturer.  

AREYOUKIDDINGME?  Rob was furious, I was furious, even Grant seemed to be rather unsettled as he snoozed in his doggie hammock in the back seat.  

I asked to speak to the manager and my request was denied. After we hung up I called the main number and asked to speak to the service manager.  He called me about 10 minutes later and assured me that he would take care of it.  

Later in the day I got a call from the new service guy saying they would ship the window and asking for the shipping address.  

The rest of the day went without incident.  Enough already!


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