Friday, April 5, 2013

A Crazy Wet Travel Day for the Little RV

Panther Traffic
Along the way we have seen some pretty unusual animal crossing signs but this one is the best so far.  Panther Crossing, seriously?

Yesterday the forecast called for strong storms coming in from the Gulf of Mexico.  Boy were they right.  We were on the road from Naples by 9am.  It was a pretty uneventful drive for a while but then the sky opened up and the rain started.  

When I was a little girl my family lived in Louisiana and Arkansas for a while.  I remember rain like this from those years.  It comes down so hard and fast you can't see and there is so much of it.  Standing water everywhere!  

We were driving north on interstate 75 when the storm started.  Eventually we pulled into a rest area for a few minutes.  I'd say we drove in heavy rain for at least two hours before the skies began to clear.  We managed to get 255 miles under our belts yesterday even with the weather. 

This morning we're near Ocala, Florida.  While driving yesterday, we chose a park and called ahead.  They had a pull-through site for us so we stopped here for the night.  It's a little nice park with very nice staff and campers but somehow I feel like I'm parked in the middle of a county fair parking lot with all of the other clowns campers.  We're pretty close to other RVs and the spaces aren't defined well.  Basically, it's a big, grassy field with hook-ups. 

After we set up yesterday, I discovered wet floors and wet carpet.  Yes, we drove through epic and torrential rain for many miles but shouldn't our slide seals keep that water out?  The wet spots are right where the corners of the slides rest while the slides are closed.  One was so bad that the area rug in front of our door was completely saturated.  I have to say, I'm a bit worried about this and I need to do some research.  I'll be adding it to the list for the shop appointment we have in June. 

I think we'll be having a pretty low key day and head out again tomorrow.  I really need to defrost the refrigerator today.  

Next stop, the Florida Panhandle.


  1. You may want to check the slide seals. There may be a problem. Leaks are no fun and it rains everywhere sometime, even in the desert.

    1. Dizzy, We will check them and we'll add this problem to our growing list. I feel like it can't be normal to have water coming in while moving. All three slides leaked to some degree. It seems like the worst was the front end of the slides which makes sense but I don't need a pool in my house.