Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Chicken Wing Obsession (temporarily) Satisfied in the Little RV

I love Buffalo chicken wings to the point of having chicken wing cravings at times.  I have tried several times to make good Buffalo wings here in the Little RV but they just don't turn out right.  Remember, they have to be very low in sodium and taste good too.  That's a tall order.  

I've nailed the Buffalo sauce but the wings are always kinda flabby.  I want them crispy.  I have tried baking them, grilling them and have even considered a deep fryer.  We all know that is probably not the best idea.  Besides, who has room another appliance?  Not me!

This afternoon I was trying to figure out what to fix for dinner.  I just happened to pick up some wings yesterday.  I decided to grill them and brush them with this sauce to caramelize them. The sauce is The Ginger People, Sweet Ginger chili sauce.  It's sweet and spicy and very low in sodium. 

I heated up my trusty Coleman Roadtrip grill. I always line it with foil to keep it cleaner and try to avoid attracting rodents. The grill folds flat and the side tables slide under the grill.  It really is pretty small but it takes up a lot of floor space in the basement and is fairly heavy.  We may be replacing it before very much longer but that's a whole different story.  

I just grilled the wings plain with no seasoning at all.  When they were nearly done I brushed them with the sauce and turned them over.  The grill caramelizes the sauce so it's sticky and oh so good.  After I sauced and grilled the other side for a bit it was dinner time. 

They weren't Buffalo wings but they were really good.  We'll call that a do-over!

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