Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little RV Pulls Out in Just 10 Short Days

 We are scheduled to depart our current location in just 10 days.  It's time to start planning and getting things ready to go.  We still don't know where we are going but we'll be ready when the time comes.  

Rob and I have been talking about visiting Everglades National Park.  We checked on some of the campgrounds in the park but they don't seem to allow pets.  Perhaps one too many have been snapped up by a hungry alligator?   That will certainly not be Grant's fate.

Today is supposed to be a cool day with low humidity so outside things are on our agenda today.  We got that flat tire on the Little RV the day we arrived at our current location.  We got a new tire to replace the damaged one but the spare is still on the RV.   We'll be changing them out today and getting the spare stored back under the RV where it belongs.  

Recently one of the cabinet doors in the bedroom came off in my hand when I opened it.  Yes, we have cabinet door issues.  In fact we have lots of issues.  Yesterday Rob made an appointment with the service department in Oregon where we purchased the Little RV.  We plan to get any outstanding warranty work done before the original warranty expires.  We WILL be purchasing an extended warranty.  

So, this morning I'm making today's To Do List while I drink my coffee and watch the sun come up over the water.  


  1. Hi Juley,
    I love reading this blog. National Parks in general don't allow dogs. I know, because we adopted a beagle named Bea. But get to the Everglades, it's awesome!
    Cheers, Paul

    1. Thanks Paul!
      Are you the Paul I used to work with, by chance? We haven't decided on the Everglades for this trip but if not this time we will certainly go next time. Congrats on Bea!