Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting the Little RV Ready to Hit the Road

Yesterday was one of those days that required me to wear my big girl panties.  It was a nice cool day so it was perfect to work outside.  We had stuff to do and I was determined to do as much of it as I could.  I was learning as I went along with Rob guiding the way.  

The To Do List;
  • remove the spare tire
  • install the new tire 
  • store the spare under the RV
  • torque the lug nuts on the new tire
  • check tire pressure on all RV tires
  • inflate tires as needed
  • install the tire pressure monitoring system
  • add exhaust additive to the truck
  • organize the basement

First we removed the spare tire using our impact driver.  A couple of the lug nuts were so tight that we had to loosen them with a long handled wrench for leverage.  Next I raised the right side of the RV with the leveling system so we could get the spare off and put the new replacement tire on.  Armed with a tarp, I crawled under the RV to try and figure out how the spare attaches to the undercarriage of the RV.  To clarify, I am not opposed to getting dirty.  
The tarp was to protect me from these truly awful spiky things that are in the grass all over our site. They are about the size of a pea. 
Getting the spare back into its original storage place wasn't difficult at all.  The hardest part was dragging the tire under the RV.  It's not a small tire. All you have to do is put the end of the wench into the center of the wheel and crank the wench up until the tire is snug against the bottom of the RV. 
Next we had to torque the lug nuts.  From what I understand it just means making  sure the lug nuts are on really tight and all the same.  For whatever reason it is necessary to use a fancy Latin word for this activity.  We used a torque wrench and tightened the lug nuts to 125 ft./lbs.  All I know is when the leaver on the torque wrench gets to 125, that's tight enough.

Then I checked the pressure in all four tires.  The pressure is supposed to be kept at 75 psi.  They were all around 65 lbs. so I got out the handy dandy tire inflator.  We used to have a small air compressor but it wasn't powerful enough to do the job so we left it behind and recently purchased this Kobalt brand tire inflator from Lowe's.  
It is small, very lightweight and works great.  You just attach it to the valve stem and set it to the pressure you want.  Press start and just walk away.  It shuts off when the tire reaches the setting you input.  Love this thing!
Media After inflating the tires, I screwed on the new valve stem covers for the tire pressure monitoring system. We haven't finished setting this up but are hoping it works well and will give us some peace of mind while driving.  
Next we poured 2.5 gallons of exhaust additive to the truck and did some organizing in the basement. It feels like we made great progress and I learned a lot about maintaining the RV.  
I really need a ladder!


  1. That will be a good safety check to have. It will be worth the effort.

    1. Dizzy, now I know how to do it next time! It does give you peace of mind.