Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Little RV Visits Sunny Florida

Wednesday turned into a marathon for the Little RV.  We left Savannah at about 9:30 am planning to drive straight through to our site on the inter-coastal waterway in Florida.  It was a pretty easy day as far as driving goes but we did get our first flat tire on the Little RV.  We were about an hour north of our destination and had pulled into a gas station to fuel up when I noticed we had a very low tire.  Apparently the puncture had just occurred because the air was still hissing out of the tire.  We moved the RV to the air pump and filled the tire which immediately went flat again.  Long story short, we called to get the spare put on, loaded up the flat and headed out again.  I'd say the whole event took less than an hour.   We have replaced the tire but have not put the new one on the RV yet.  We are going to be in this spot for several weeks so there is no rush but it's on the list of things to do while stationary. 

We're currently parked in our space in Ocean Breeze Park enjoying the sun and well, the ocean breeze.  This is the view out our back window.

We spent some time looking around yesterday.  We got groceries, got the tire replaced, stopped at a fruit stand for produce and generally got the lay of the land. It was hot here yesterday.  We have spent so much time in cold weather lately that 82 degrees and humid are a bit much.  Today it is 72 degrees and there is a great breeze off the water.
Now back in Connecticut they are having one BIG snow storm.  Some three feet of snow has fallen in the past 24 hours.  So glad we escaped when we did!

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