Friday, February 8, 2013

The Little RV Explores Savannah's Historic Downtown

We started our tour of Historic Savannah by locating The Lady and Sons Restaurant.  For those not in the know, that is Paula Dean's restaurant.  While this is not particularly historic I thought it would be a fun stop.  Right next door is her retail store which was very disappointing, I must say.  I like Paula Dean and I watch her show when I stumble across it but I have no need of something with her face, her name or her son's faces on it.  I think I was expecting some kind of fun cooking tools or something useful for my little kitchen.  

Next we spotted this beautiful old church.  It is Christ Church, "the mother church of Georgia".  It is an Episcopal Church and the cornerstone of this church was laid in 1744.

City Hall was the next beautiful building we found.  The dome is beautifully wrapped in gold.

 The streets of this area of Savannah are very clean and beautifully maintained. There are waterways all over the area but the Savannah River runs close to the historic district.  
There are some really interesting and old buildings along the shore. 
As we drove around Savannah we noticed an abundance of parks or squares.  They are beautifully maintained.  We especially loved Forsyth Park and the beautiful fountain in the center of the park. The magnolia's are just beginning to bloom and Spanish moss hangs from the trees.
Around the park the streets are lined with the most amazing homes.  This is my favorite.
Maybe this one....

Savannah is a beautiful city and worth the visit.


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