Monday, February 4, 2013

The Little RV Explores Savannah's Coastal Areas

This morning we had the best of intentions.  We planned to go into Savannah and check out the sights.  But somehow, after running a couple of errands we ended up taking a nap.  How does that happen? 

This afternoon we went out in search of some scenery and perhaps a sunset photo opportunity.  Our adventure took us to Tybee Island.  The island is the Eastern most point in the State of Georgia.  As we crossed the bridge onto the island, I saw this sign.  I never did see a turtle. 

We continued on until we got to the Atlantic Ocean and could go no further.  On the way back we stopped at The Tybee Island Light Station.  The lighthouse is over 270 years old.  

Next we caught some boats with a lovely sunset behind them.   
This is a shrimping boat moored near a marina in one of the waterways.  Too bad Rob is allergic to shrimp!

 It was a beautiful drive.  

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  1. Lovely! Recently, I have found lighthouses to be very interesting! I never paid much attention to them before.