Monday, February 25, 2013

The Little RV Experiences Writer's Block

For the past few days I have been pretty short on ideas for the blog. 

I've written a few low sodium cooking posts and added them to this blog rather than having them on a separate blog.  I also shortened each post so that you see only the first part of each post. 
If you decide to read on, just click "Read More" and you'll be taken to the full post.  If you're not into recipes and low sodium cooking you can just move on to the next exciting post.

The truck has been delivered to the body shop and we have a rental car.  I noted in an earlier post that our insurance company told us we had no coverage for a rental car.   As it turns out we are indeed covered for a rental car.  Great news, but why did they tell me we didn't and it's a good thing I mentioned it to the insurance adjuster who apologized profusely and made a call to get things straightened out.   Anyway, hopefully we'll have a good as new truck in a week or so.  It'll be just like it never even happened, right?

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  1. I am not sure if anything is ever "as good as new". I know that I am not. . . I am better than new (grin).